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  1. Thanks for all the replies – I’ll try and answer them all in once place I started the conversation on another matter. I was very surprised when I received a terse reply that the quantity of spam I have been submitting is probably breaking the rules. So as a precaution I have stopped reporting spam and started blackholing it instead. (Several thousand so far) I thought by reporting spam I was helping and the person who indicated otherwise was wrong so I'm trying to get clarification of the rules to decide if it's better just to dump it all and forget about it. Just to clarify I am using Mailhosts is the case This is what I thought and hoped. Is it against the rules to report all the spam from a "catchall" account?
  2. Sorry if it wasn't clear i meant mailboxes/users/aliases/accounts on our domain i.e. contact[at]ourdomain.com richard[at]ourdomain.com etc and any any other made up "send to" address (as you say the "from" addresses are often pretty random and of little use in most cases. If I just report emails sent to myusername[at]ourdomain.com I can not report anywhere near as many as if I report emails sent to anything[at]ourdomain.com [*[at]ourdomain.com] That was what I thought and was very disappointed to be told the other day that that this was not the case. It would be nice if we could clear this up definitively one way or the other. We are currently blackholing thousands of spams a day and it does seem a bit of waste. (Having said that it saves a lot time and resources) I suppose we could send them to knujon instead.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply Richard - That's a great help. Do you happen to have a password and a username for the link you suggested? I'm getting a 401 User Authorization message? Just in case someone else is looking for this information I think the link you meant to post was http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/14.html Which in the early days I read quite a few times and have checked fairly often since because we report a lot of spam and don't want to get anyone in to trouble. Having read that section we have reported rather a lot of spam and were a bit surprised the other day to be told that SpamCop did not want spam from certain accounts. For instance if we accept spam from anything[at]ourdomain.com we have a lot more spam than if we just report spam from username[at]ourdomain.com. So should we be reporting all of this of spam from anything[at]ourdomain.com ? Further if we had other domains should we be reporting spam from those too? [Assuming of course that the spam in question meets the FAQ at http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/14.html] So getting back to the slightly more technical original question is there any point in reporting very similar spams multiple times from which is almost certainly from the same spammer [group]?
  4. There are different types of spam. Does SpamCop want as many as possible reported or is it better just blackhole the repetitive pharma spam? (from the same handful of spammers)
  5. Thanks for all the help guys We've found the offending server with a 10MB limit along the route to Spamcop. A couple of years ago that would have seemed massive even with encoding but now it seems low, so we may have route around it, great to know we haven't run up against an upper limit at Spamcop Many thanks James
  6. Thanks DavidT! Independent 3rd party tests are a great help - very much appreciated The Emails are forwarded to SpamCop, I can not see any limits in DNS/Forwarding providers help pages so I have asked the same question of their technical support. We have been using them for quite some years and I know we have had larger emails in the past so perhaps something has changed with their forwarding software. Many thanks, James
  7. Thanks for the quick reply Attachments can be images and drawings etc., yes there are other ways of moving files and we have unlimited file uploads to our ftp servers, however what is far more important especially for non technical users sending these documents is point and click - poof gone! With other methods they have to more specialist technical knowledge and often have to wait for the completion of the send on the their workstation whereas the time of transmission to the email sever on the LAN is almost instantaneous as the workload is handled/negotiated queued on the office SMTP server. Freeing the non technical user up to do more useful things
  8. Hi one of our clients is complaining about emails they send to our domain getting rejected as too large? (Before we moved to SpamCop our ISP could handle individual emails with 20Mb attachments) I've tried sending in an 8Mb email (sent from gmail also a 20mb limit) and I received this message Technical details of permanent failure: PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 16): 552 5.3.4 Error: message file too big I'm pretty sure we have pop3ed 7mb emails out w/o issue. I was wondering what the maximum size would be and if this has changed recently? Many thanks, James
  9. One of our users is getting these too PublicDomainRegistry.com don't seem to be able to / or want to stop this spammer registering names even though the WHOIS is faked. The names are still live after the spammer has moved on to new names
  10. No probs, thanks for the help Steve. In the thread you suggest there's a post from Jeff G. and link to another thread if they don't run a responsible list. - Given they have broken those guidelines more than once I think it would be right to submit a spam reports. Regards, James.
  11. I went there and I wasn't sure hence the post, I've re read it and I don't think it really answers my question. If you have specifically told the companies involved not to send any further emails and they take no notice (no reply) and continue to send emails (more than 1) after a reasonable period of time is it ok to then report these emails? Irrespective of whether you may or may not have once (indavertantly) been subscribed to their or a 3rd party mailing list that they are claiming?
  12. Hi, In the last 3 weeks we've been reporting around 1500 - 2000 spams a day thats nearly 40,000 And we even had a few reports of people apologising for sending spam and some networks saying they would get their users to clean their infected machines - So it seems to be working Now I have a company that keeps sending emails claiming "This bulletin is part of the service we offered you when you took out your online insurance quote." I have emailed the insurance company and the list company asking to be removed but the emails still keep coming. Filling out their removal form doesn't make any difference. I'm pretty sure permission was never given to use the email address but it is possible years ago it may have been missed/tricked. Is it ok to report these emails?
  13. I went though the FAQs quite carefully but there is a lot of stuff so I may have missed somthing. I can set up some filters but if it could be automated then it would make reporting spam a lot easier for everyone w/o having to set up filters.
  14. Hi, Just signed up cut my spam from 2000-3000 a day to a 100 or so with the default settings nice I've been using the held folder to report those spams. The thing that slows me down the most is the mix of rejects and spam. Is there a way of automatically pushing all the bounces & rejects in a separate group? It would make reporting the spam ones everso much easier. ( I can do it with filters as I do here but it would be nice if it could be done automatically by flagging/grouping)
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