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  1. The connection was restored, and the operation was completed successfully. I now have a mirror image of my past mail folders, and a spreadsheet of my contacts. All that I'm losing are my mailing groups, which I'll have to reassemble in the form required by my new webmail provider.
  2. SpamCop severed the connection to MailStore, they say, but only after most of my folders were copied. Is there a limit on what can be read out at once? Maybe I can do some trimming at the SC end before September 30...
  3. Thank you very much. I figured out how to upload the mbox file from SC, but it had munged togetherinto one folder all the messages I'd filed away in all the folders over the years. Once I'd linked the Mailstore account with the SC/CES server, all my folders were maintained! It's taking an hour or so to transfer and process everything, but this promises to give me a local mirror of my 'digital pack rat' archives at SC/Webmail. I may end up deleting most of it, but I'm no longer forced to do everything before September 30.
  4. OK, so MailStore Home looks ideal, but my settings must be wrong. Has anyone using their service figured out the settings they need to connect to CESmail? I thought the server name would be webmail.spamcop.net, but that value gets an error message for both IMAP and POP3 settings. MailStore doesn't seem to give you a webmail choice, nor do I see a way to upload the mbox files that SC exported to my PC. I didn't use the IMAP or POP3 protocols anyway: I've only ever used the HORDE webmail interface
  5. When I started using SC, my ISP didn't even offer a webmail interface. Now they do, and their spam-handling is much better than it was when I began forwarding my email, so I may just go with them. Coincidentally, my ISP (Concentric/XO) just started using a new, adaptive interface. Their webmail is even readable on my Android tablet. But over the years, I've filed away hundreds of messages into SC subfolders. SC can export these into mbox files, and their contacts list can be exported into a csv file readable in Excel, but has anyone discovered software that can help open, sort, and edit mbox files for use in another webmail system? Even if I just keep them on my hard drive, I'd like to at least be able to search through them. A Google search turns up dozens of 'free' solutions for viewing mbox or csv files , but so far they have proven limited (the search or print functions are only enabled in the 'pro' edition, $69 please). The trial version of aid4mail and free-mbox-viewer are two I've looked at, but both are teasers for expensive but useable 'pro' versions. How are other SC survivors handling the transition?
  6. Sometimes, the webmail site just doesn't load. Other sites do, but even trying with IE, Firefox, or Chrome, it just sits and fails to load. 'IsItDown' says it's still up. Any ideas?
  7. What does "Couldn't execute first query." mean when you go to webmail?
  8. My inbox was empty this morning when I logged in. I sent a support request, and it suddenly my incoming messages reappeared a few minutes later. I checked this forum, and it looks like a few of you had similar problems. We all know by now that fixing what's wrong is the top priority here, and informing the customer is way, way down on the priority list. I can deal with that, since most issues I've had get dealt with promptly. My inbox has been displaying as empty a couple times now, but at the moment it's normal (50 some messages). If it's a hardware problem, I'd be willing to accept somewhat higher rates if it meant more reliable service. How's it going for you?
  9. Any updates? My 'Held Mail' folder had lots of spam dated today, but my inbox has nothing after 08/05/13 18:17:36 MDT.
  10. This evening, service was restored. No explanation so far. I spent a few hours searching my POP inbox for the actual mail, then after I had done all that, the connection was restored! At least I had found the same real messages that Spamcop found when they got my account working.
  11. I have a POP account that was old enough to be getting more spam than I could look at (100+ a day) and I also needed a webmail interface, so I set up a Spamcop account and had it read from my POP account. This setup has worked for years, but for the last week I have not gotten any new mail in my Spamcop Inbox. My ISP has added a webmail interface of its own, so I looked there and some 1600 new emails are listed as having arrived since 4/28. My accounts are paid up. I've already notified the Spamcop staff. Can anyone here tell me what might cause this? I see the Spamcop servers had a hiccup on 4/28, but I thought that was resolved.
  12. Thanks much for the clarification. My ISP offers a webmail interface which does not delete the original message if you don't want it to. I did get to see some important stuff, but I could also see why I got the Spamcop service to begin with. I also have a few dozen notes in there about new postings to this topic... BTW, my email client tells me mail.spamcop.net on port 110 timed out. :angry:
  13. I tried to set a POP client to fetch my email straight from Spamcop, as decribed at http://mail.spamcop.net/setup/setup_pop2.php , but nothing appears. I see other posts here saying they've been able to use POP while webmail is down. Do I understand this right (I've never tried to use pop..spamcop.net before...)? And is the server mail.spamcop.net or pop.spamcop.net?
  14. If it doesn't violate some sort of security setup, can you tell us how to do that (poppable or mail2web)?
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