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    New Beta Popgate server

    Yo Trevor! You and the Spamcop folks are "da bomb"! It works!
  2. Benjammin911

    [Resolved] Yahoo Popgate not working?

    I haven't signed up for any "Beta" version, both of my Yahoo accounts are the same (at least they look the same) meaning I don't log in any differently or anything like that. The home pages both look the same, etc. I deleted the one account from my spamcop POP list that was giving me problems a couple of weeks ago, then waited a couple of days. After waiting, I then put it back in my pop server list and it started working again just fine. Spamcop has been popping that account with no problem since then, untill yesterday. D'oh! Anyway, I have deleted it from my POP list again and am going to try the same approach as last time.
  3. Benjammin911

    [Resolved] Yahoo Popgate not working?

    I thought that I might have found the problem -- staying logged into the Yahoo! account while SpamCop was trying to retrieve email from Yahoo! inbox. I logged out of the Yahoo account and spamcop started retrieving the emails from Yahoo again. Then, it quit working around Sept 7. No apparent reason. I tried deleting the Yahoo accont from the SC POP setup and reentering it, no good. I still haven't been able to figure out why one yahoo account works fine, the other doesn't.
  4. Benjammin911

    [Resolved] Yahoo Popgate not working?

    Well, I never figured it out. SpamCop started retrieving the mail from my Yahoo accounts again without any problem. I tried deleting the one Yahoo account from my POP configuration that I wasn't having any trouble with to see if the issue was related to the number of Yahoo accounts I had. It wasn't. So I put the account info back into my POP configuration. After a few hours, I just hit the "modify" button in the configuration window to reset the error count, waited a few more hours, and did the same thing again (SC still wasn't retrieving the email from the one Yahoo account). Finally, sometime today, SpamCop started retrieving the email from Yahoo as normal. Go figure. The wonders of technology.
  5. Benjammin911

    [Resolved] Yahoo Popgate not working?

    Well, I removed one of the Yahoo accounts from my SC POP confguration (I removed the one that was working) and am still getting the "Unknown error:4" message.
  6. Benjammin911

    [Resolved] Yahoo Popgate not working?

    Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. Yes. I have two Yahoo accounts and a 3rd email account from an ISP. Initially there were no problems, then the problem seemed to be intermittent, now I can only seem to POP one Yahoo account and the ISP account. The problem is always with the same Yahoo account. I am going to try removing the account that works from my POP configuration in SC and see what happens.
  7. Benjammin911

    [Resolved] Yahoo Popgate not working?

    I don't have the premium service either. I started having this same problem several months ago. On my POP configuration I get an "Unkown error: 4" and it is always the same Yahoo account. I sent an email to SPAMCOP help, (I am like techno newb) and never heard anything back, but the POP started working again after a month or so. I had left all the emails on the Yahoo account, and when it started working again I got deluged. I figured somebody found a problem someplace and just didn't have time to send out an email. But then, it bombed again after only a couple weeks. Since I hadn't heard anything from my email query, I started experimenting by deleting the entry in my SC POP configuration and re-entering it (all the information was exactly the same, I just cut and pasted). It worked ok for maybe a couple weeks, then hicupped again. I tried the same fix again this time, but no luck, so I cut and pasted the same info in the configuration again, but put it in a different order. Still no luck. I am going to go ahead and try the Google search like turetzsr mentioned and see what happens.