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    Gmail's server blocked

    Well it seems now that after some more discussion with SiteGround, they were indeed blocking gmail via the spamcop RBL and they say that altough the wewre whitelisting the gmail addresses they were not taking googlemail addresses into account! So after first saying that NONE are being returned they now say only some were Not sure what to believe actually but now the gmails are getting thru. I hope it was a simple case of the lower skilled techs guessed at the answers at first!
  2. soop

    Gmail's server blocked

    Thanks for your replies! It gets a little weird now. After some complaints I seem to be talking with a helpfull chappy at Siteground. I have found a little more info. I can receive emails from many gmail accounts at my pop email account. I cannot receive ANY from the new gmail account I have setup 3 days ago! I get returns balming a spamcop blacklist of multiple google servers. If my host are responsible for these returns, how can I prove that? Do they have a log of mails received and if they have been returned? What is that log called so I can ask them to check it. Are there any other checks they can do to remove them from the blame? They are swearing that they are not blocking gmails.
  3. soop

    Gmail's server blocked

    Hi, I have recently been getting reports of my mail server bouncing gmails. I set up a test gmail account and it bounces those too! I have read a great deal about this unfortunate state of affairs and as it stands I believe you spamcop chaps a re "sure" you are doing it all right and Google are not budging on their not releasing IP of originator. So. I asked my Webhost, SiteGround for some help as Google and some of you here suggest to do. Siteground have been FAR from helpful. After a fair few emails pinging back and forth, some with amazing claims, they have accepted that the gmails are being returned because they use Spamcops filters alone. I have asked them to either add a whitelist of the google servers or move me to a server without spamcop BL. They have refused both, saying it is against their policy to add whitelist. Do you think this is an acceptable answer, do I just have to accept it? I have searched to no avail, I wonder if you can help. A number of you make the point that Spamcop should not be used alone and even alongside spamassassin. What would they need to do? Is it a lot of work? Sorry if this is in a FAQ, you guys have the largest FAQ I have seen but I could not find this info. Do you have any suggestions on what to say to SiteGround that will help. It's a shame cos they are good in most toher respects. p.s. I have spamassassin available on my SiteGround account. It's a virtual server and my account has a Cpanel that allows me to set up Spamassassin. All my tests with SA work very well and limit the spam I do get but I dont think it will help with these gmail returns becasue these are server wide before my account gets a look, does that sound right? Thanks for any help