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    Gmail's server blocked

    Spammers are nearly as bad as terrorists in my mind! Why? Because a terrorists goal is to strike fear in the hearts of men and women to the point where they will no longer enjoy the carefree enjoyment of life as God designed. But you know what.... I could deal with spammers. I can deal with spam! That's why I have filters that can delete junk. Heck, I can even require people to have to register to send me email.... Thera are a ton of things that I CAN DO... to avoid spam in my inbox! However, what I can not deal with is services like SpamCop that BLACKLIST one of the worlds largest and fastest growing email provider in the WORLD! I feel as though I have personally been viloted by spamcop.net. For goodness sakes... BRING ON THE spam! I have read "We don't BLOCK" messages..... NO... I don't care what you call it! YOU HAVE BLACKLISTED GMAIL's mail servers and now I have lost two days of prodcutive work and in essence, I now fear the reprocussions of the tons of emails I sent out over the past two days that I am just being notified that are DELAYED because of YOUR STINKING SERVICE! I contacted my email adminstrator...... they are clueless and believe Google needs to fix it... I've seen written several times that you tell your customers who use your service to not use your blacklist as their first line of defense... Well I think you are a lousy company for not finding a way to enforce it.. It's obvious that Hundreds of email admins, possibly thousands, are using your advice to blacklist gmail! I now HAVE TO CHANGE MY EMAIL SERVICE!!!! But not because of Spammers.... But because of something more alarming than the terroristic spammers.... No... It's the Spamcop dot net..... that is FORCING it's strong arm on me!!!!! I AM VERY ANGRY>>>>> Call it my "opinion" if you wish..... Tell me off if you wish... Explain this email me away with your jargin..... if you wish.. When it is all said and done... I can no longer trust GMAIL to send messages because of your service.... I pray to God that you will not blacklist the next email provider I choose to use..... If one day I get to speak to hundreds and thousands of people.... I will never miss my chance to speak of the worst tech company in the world that really did DRIVE A KNIFE in the back of its own customers!!!!!!