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    Gmail's server blocked

    Apparently some of you fail to understand, spam is a problem created by those who willingly flaunt their email addresses about wherever they choose without regard for personal security. I have never had a problem with spam where I chose not to receive it, and I have created mass spam chaos where I chose to receive it. Yes, I am sure some of it is being swept under the carpet for me, but at least they are not sweeping people I know and trust under the carpet without regard for my personal preferences. And honestly, I would prefer to get pounded by spam if it meant I had to, in order to receive legitimate emails.
  2. morbidsm

    Gmail's server blocked

    Your spam blocking service is fu**ing annoying. Please do not mass block entire email servers, as it wastes my time by not submitting emails to my friends. My email provider, gmail.com is a good service with many legitimate users, and you are wasting our time by failing to route our emails properly. I hate spam, but this service is annoying because it causes me to be spammed by my server saying that my message failed to be submitted, and prevents me from conversing with my friends. Please change your policies, otherwise, I hope your service fails and you lose money.Thanks for wasting my time and filling my inbox with crap. :angry: Oh and by the way... I DONT RECEIVE ANY spam. Because I do not post my email address in retarted places, if you follow non-idiot practices, YOU wont receive spam either, therefor this service is a useless piece of crap.