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  1. Given the ongoing problems with Spamcop hosted e-mail, I've started to question whether I should use Spamcop at all. What percentage of system administrators pay attention to Spamcop complaint/reports anymore? How many of the sysadmins are bad guys, thus dev-nulling Spamcop's reports? How many of the sysadmins are good guys, but ignore Spamcop's reports? Is there any evidence that Spamcop's complaint reports are welcome by system administrators anymore?
  2. The reason why I use Spamcop e-mail is for the spam reporting features. I can certainly set up spam filtering on my own domain name servers. I have my e-mail forwarded to my Spamcop address, which was a bad thing today. My e-mail server started disallowing all e-mails in and out because Spamcop was bouncing all e-mails back to my server. So I've stopped forwarding my e-mail to my Spamcop address. What I need at this point are reasons to use Spamcop's e-mail & reporting services. The e-mail service is unreliable, with no indication that it will get any better. I question whether the reporting service does any good anymore. What percentage of sys admins pay attention to Spamcop reports any more? The "Announcements" links in the Spamcop forum home are no longer updated.
  3. Sounds like a good way for spammers to screw with Spamcop and those who report spam with Spamcop. All they have to do is insert a fake "Received" line in the headers of their spam, and put odd characters in the front. Fixing this should be a the top of Spamcop's To-Do list, before mass chaos ensues. Obviously I should stop using the "Report as spam" in Spamcop webmail, or Spamcop change that function so we have to see & approve the reports that will go out. See here. My hosting company (thus the owners of my mailhost), have already been a pain about my wanting to get my spams forwarded to Spamcop. Now they have real ammunition to stop it, courtesy of Spamcop.
  4. I request that Spamcop change the spam reporting from Spamcop webmail. When we report a spam in Spamcop webmail, it should give us the option to (or make us), approve the spam reports, like the spam reporting form at http://mailsc.spamcop.net/ does. It has become clear to me that it is irresponsible to use the quick spam reporting available in Spamcop webmail. To be a responsible spam reporter, I need to see and approve of the reports that go out. This "revelation" is due to Spamcop reporting my own mailhost, despite my Spamcop mailhost configuration being correct. (See here).
  5. With changes to my mailserver, I redid the Spamcop mailhost configuration TWICE in the past few days (just to be sure). Today, one of the spams I reported as spam through Spamcop webmail, created report 6079155339, identifying my own mailserver as a spammer, and reported it to my hosting company. Also, my mailserver is now in the Spamcop Black List. I checked the headers of the spam, and it was all normal. Nothing malformed. I checked my Spamcop mailhost configuration, and it has my mailhost IP address listed as OK. I did everything right and Spamcop still screwed up! What's worse, I just noticed that for that particular spam, Spamcop never created a report for the originating IP address, which is the real spammer! GRRRRRRR!
  6. Gmail just put Spamcop account configuration emails in the spam folder. I wonder why? I decided to get Spamcop to POP my Gmail account. I guess that's better than my Hotmail account. All test e-mails AND the Spamcop account configuration emails never showed up there.
  7. I have my own domain name so I can better manage my e-mail, so I can forward it to my Spamcop address. It used to be so simple and easy. Not anymore. How do people with their own domain name get their all their e-mails forwarded/redirected to their Spamcop addresses anymore? My hosting company: 1. Rejects incoming e-mails based on RBLs (like Spamcop), before the e-mails can get to the SpamAssassin rules. 2. Has spam filters on outgoing e-mails, so if I try to forward spam to my Spamcop address, the e-mails just disappear. Neither of these do I have any control or say over. I've started querying other hosting companies, and the only one to respond so far say they also, "cannot provide the email service without blacklisting and without filters". Is the usefulness of Spamcop managed e-mail addresses at an end because of this? Am I stuck with an e-mail service for my domain name that makes e-mails disappear without a trace? Unfortunately it is not as easy as setting my MX to Spamcop. Spamcop says they cannot give me the flexibility to create new e-mail addresses or forwarders for my domain at a moment's notice, like a hosting company does. Then there is also the add-on domains I host on my hosting account ... I am at a loss. Anyone have any useful suggestions?
  8. Thank you for your response. I mean any change that could affect the Spamcop mailhost configuration. That would mean taking the time to manually report every spam. Who has time for that? I have a paid Spamcop address, and just click to "Report as spam". What I really need is someone to host my e-mail and forward all e-mails that go to my main e-mail address at my domain name to my Spamcop address. No one will do that anymore. They all want to reject e-mails based on RBLs before the e-mails can get even to my spam rules with my account. And then won't forward spams because their outgoing e-mail servers reject them.
  9. If my hosting company for my domain name changes mailhost(s), do I need to update the Spamcop mailhost configuration for my e-mail address? It would seem to me that the answer would be "Yes". So how can I avoid a problem if my hosting company changes the mailhost(s) without telling me? They never tell me such things. Maybe this goes to the heart of the reason why my hosting company will now not forward spam to my Spamcop address? They change their webhost, my Spamcop webhost configuration becomes invalid, and then Spamcop reports my hosting company as a spammer? Am I right. Am I wrong? What should I do?
  10. Spamcop says that everything is OK. I've made a nuisance of myself with my e-mail host, making sure that they forward ALL my e-mail to my Spamcop address without any interference by their problematic, inefficient, unrecoverable, and stupid spam filtering. So I must conclude that either KnuJon or Spamcop have made a significant (but probably short-term), dent in the spammer world. Yay teams! BTW, everyone please remember to report your spam to KnuJon as well as Spamcop? KnuJon targets and fight the people who benefit from spam.
  11. Over the past couple of days, I have seen a sudden and dramatic drop in the volume of spam that I have received. Previously it was 200-300 spams a day. Now 50-100 a day. Naturally I have assumed that something has gone wrong with my e-mail host, or Spamcop. My e-mail host says that everything is hunky-dory, and I'm now waiting for a response from Spamcop on the issue. Has anyone else seen this sudden dramatic drop in their spam volume?
  12. Lack of good customer service. No notice of any kind about the outage where people can find it (SpamCop Email System News, the "main webpage" www.spamcop.net, or the Forum Announcements). SpamCop/IronPort doesn't seem to care about keeping their customers informed. Or maybe they want to stop providing filtered e-mail service?
  13. I need to get autocomplete to work in IE8 for SpamCop webmail, for a client. They won't use Firefox, and I just got them started using SpamCop. Now they're getting frustrated with having to type in their SpamCop address and password every time. The AutoComplete & Password saving will work in IE for forms on other websites/webpages, but not for SpamCop webmail. I've seen it work in IE for SpamCop webmail on other computers, but now I can't get it to work for a client, or for myself on my own computer. I've checked the settings for AutoComplete in IE8, making sure they are turned on. I've tried clearing the AutoComplete history (an all other history information). I've even turned on the option "Use inline AutoComplete (outside of Internet Explorer)". Nothing works. Help?
  14. It appears that reporting a problem with the e-mail system by clicking on "Problem" in the SpamCop webmail, doesn't help. I did this a few hours ago, and never even got an acknowledgment of the problem report. I just used the contact form at http://mail.spamcop.net/contact.php, and immediately received an automatic acknowledgment. My problem is that the SpamCop incoming mail servers stopped accepting e-mails to my SpamCop address that were forwarded to it from my main e-mail address.
  15. This is definitely a question I would like SpamCop to address. We need more controls over greylist settings. I would want a greylist to automatically use my whitelist to clear some e-mail addresses automatically, and I would want to be able to see and change the e-mail addresses that are cleared or uncleared that are on the greylist.
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