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    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    Hi - thanks for being willing to help me. The domain of the account I am trying to send to is CambridgeVineyard.org, and the Tracking URL is http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z997062152zeb...2c2d0e8035d377z (I removed the content of the email before submitting the message since it is confidential). In the meantime I will sign up for a free hotmail account, but I would like it more if I could find a way around this blocking mechanism. Thanks!
  2. psychoxl99

    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    I am a spamcop user, however this is actually a problem I am having trying to send email to somebody else who is also a spamcop user, apparently using one of spamcop's paid email addresses. Basically, I cannot send email to this person from my Yahoo account. Yahoo seems to be consistently blocked because it is frequently used by spammers to send spam. However, this basically means that anybody who has a Yahoo account cannot send email to anybody who has a spamcop account. Obviously, this is a big problem. What can be done about this? Moderator Edit: This "new Post/Topic" was posted into the Reporting Help Forum section with the title of "spamcop blocking all Yahoo email" ..... As seen in the text above, there is nothing queried about a "reporting issue" .. the fact that a "spamcop user" would make the statement that "all e-mail is blocked" seems very odd, as all SpamCop.net documentation clearly talks about the identification of an IP address involved making it into the SpamCopDNSBL, and even SpamCop.net recommennds against using that list as a "blocking" tool .... then the text goes into making assumptions on "anyone with a "spamcop account" .. also seemingly ignoring that there is a "whitelist" configuration available .... on and on ... Bottom line, this post is going to be merged into one of the "huge" existing Yahoo Discussions .... PM will be sent to advise of this Move/Merge with the suggestion that the data already covered in that Discussion needs to be read ....
  3. psychoxl99

    reporting service sllloooooooowww

    Great, thanks for the info. I'm glad it's been noticed by others. I thought maybe it was a DDoS attack, perhaps not though (though I'm sure SpamCop is/will be a huge target of those). Sorry I didn't notice the other thread. (Actually, fyi, in the past 10 minutes or so since I posted that it has sped up substantially.)
  4. Is it just me or has the reporting service gotten a lot slower over the past couple of days than it was previously?
  5. Ok, looks like I need to just talk to the regular SpamCop people. I can't say this discussion has been very helpful for me, and I feel as if you have been mostly talking down to me. Perhaps I'm wrong. Either way, it looks like the only resource that will be helpful to me at this point is emailing them directly. I thought that the official SpamCop folks would also hang out on the forum and help me with my difficulties, but it appears that is not the case.
  6. I actually did look at the FAQ that addresses this, but I didn't really understand the solution. It says: "Source IP not found. Problem: Your email host does not appear to correctly identify the sending IP of the email you receive. Issues thus far seem to be based on the user's hosting ISP changing their servers around, moving to new IP addresses, changing server names, ading new backup systems, etc. In one example, the issues was a mis-configuration of an inserted header line, specifically "the lack of whitespace between the server name and the square brackets around the IP address" ... Solution: Re-run the MailHost configuration process to add in these new/changed servers/addresses. Veify that the resulting spam parsing results are successful and correct. Problems not "fixed" at this point .. see the first entry for escalation." I checked whitespace and I don't think that is a problem. As for re-running the MailHost configuration process, how would I do that to add the new/changed servers/addresses? Just doing it again hasn't helped - I've already done it twice with the same result. Sorry, I just don't really know what to make of what you're saying above... EDIT: I had also checked the list of required headers, and my test email does appear to have all of the headers it needs (and then some...).
  7. I receive email forwarded to me (and about 40 other people) from an email address on a server. I have all of my email account mailhosts set up except for this one (which accounts for probably about 40% of my spam), but this one is giving me problems. It keeps saying that the Source IP is not found. This server was set up by somebody who is not actually a professional, and I think that might be the problem. However, I can't tell him to change his DNS or IP addresses or whatever just so I can set up SpamCop. So, I'm wondering what else I can do. I would post the full headers here that I am trying to submit, but I'm not sure that would be such a good idea. If somebody could reply to this and help me out, I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks, S