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  1. ?????? "the procedure" ???? ...."heirarchy of email addrs" ...?????? and with all the data typed into this Forum thing that talks about "hosts, not addresses" Yes, the procedure whereby one defines email addresses through which email is forwarded, so that Spamcop may not gripe when I reply from the email address under which I originally registered. ???? "5 smtp server names ..." ????? for "two e-mail addresses" ?????? Yes, when I went for "test email", Spamcop offered 5 server names for "test email". I had no idea which to choose... there is the "registered Reporting Account" to whuch dialog and correspondance to/from the SpamCop.net
  2. I have one email address, regular gmail: let's call it myname[at]gmail.com. I have another, let's call it myname[at]mycompany.com I have email set up so myname[at]mycompany.com is forwarded to myname[at]gmail.com I (perhaps mistakenly) registered at spamcop with myname[at]mycompany.com, then went to the procedure for registering a heirarchy of email addrs. Spamcop went to send a test email to myname[at]gmail.com - I left all 5 smtp server names intact, received the email, went to copy the email back into the spamcop slot, and got "Spamcop encountered errors" Have I messed up my account?