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  1. Getting unrecognised certificate errors again when trying to send mail from K9 on my phone. Has this not been sorted yet?
  2. bstock

    Update: Outage

    Just a suggestion but in future would not be a tad more helpful to email your account holders to warn them of the forthcoming outage before it actually happens so they can make alternative arrangements for their emails if possible! I pop my mail so was blissfully unaware anything was wrong until this morning when I wondered why I was not getting anything and logged on I am now bypassing spamcop until its fixed, no thanks to the seemingly non existent customer service side of your business PLEASE be a little more considerate in future!
  3. bstock

    [Resolved] Webmail down?

    It's been down now over 7 hours - a little bit worrying
  4. Thanks - just found it. Its at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12041
  5. ............ or is it just me? No posts when I pop the server and cannot access the webmail service at the moment. Thanks
  6. bstock

    Webmail Login Problems

    Sorry Wazoo, I can be a bit thick sometimes. I knew absolutely nothing about imap until I read Jeff G.'s Guide to accessing SpamCop email, using OE and IMAP at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...opic=87&hl=imap Managed to get it all set up but I thought you meant the empty trash buttom in webmail - told you I can be a bit thick didn't I Not to worry somehow everything worked out Thanks again for your help and patience Bye for now (until my next problem)
  7. bstock

    Webmail Login Problems

    Success!!!! Suppose I should have read all the imap instructions before I dived in but have just discovered the purge command when you leave folders on OE. This miraculously cleared my trash for me.
  8. bstock

    Webmail Login Problems

    Thanks everyone, the problems JodiMuse was experiencing look very similar. Like JodiMuse I regularly pressed the purge button, I was away for one week but 20,000 plus emails in one week seem unbelievable, I did have 2700 or so my held mail folder so I can only presume that when I tried to delete those and failed that they gradually piled up in the trash and remained were they were as well awaiting another deletion - sorry really don't know and don't have a clue just making wild guesses now. This morning logged on and maintenance informed me that the trash purging in progress, it eventually finished but everything seemed the same. OK webmail is faster than it was but it takes forever to try to open the trash folder and my imap on OE is still reporting 20672 entries so it appears they are well and truly stuck. Have set webmail so that deleted mail does not go to trash in future but the main problem is geting rid of what is already there Will await JT's intervention.
  9. bstock

    Webmail Login Problems

    I empty the trash can regularly but things are still slow so I have today just set up an IMAP account on OE as an experiment. I was horrified to find 21,784 emails still in my trash folder, all these have lines though them. I even logged in on webmail and tried to delete the whole folder but was not allowed to, have set the trash to purge on login after trash is over 1 day old, and have tried empty folders but this just times out after doing nothing. Absolutely nothing seems to do the trick Could someone please empty or delete my trash folder altogether as it has got to be the reason everything is not working properly, might even be the problem why the whole system is slow if similar things are happening on other users' accounts. I repeat according trash folder itself it says its empty but its a long way of being empty with 21,784 emails in it!
  10. bstock

    Webmail Login Problems

    That topic heading was Slow held mail reporting, Held Mail takes forever, although I did also mention the logging on difficulty the main point was that I could not get rid of my held mail backlog easily because of the slowness of everything which is why I made the posting there. I eventually did manage to get rid of everything which speeded webmail up but not of course the VER reporting. This I did mention in follow up postings on that thread. I had the impression that JT was only going to empty my held mail which I had already managed to do, apologies if he was also going to sort out my logging in difficulty but at that time I had associated it with the high number of held emails I had. Also I was concerned that the thread title did not however cover the logging in issue which other users may also be experiencing so that is why I started this new thread. I am sorry if it appears I was ignoring your assistance, I assure you this was not the case. I have always been a fan of spamcop since joining several years ago but lately things seem to be sliding downhill somewhat.
  11. Still going round in circles Hope its OK now, although I registered all my domains and they were accepted only two hosts are showing up on my account so it would seem to indicate that I needed have bothered registering all the other domains hosted on the same server. Please tell me I'm correct
  12. I have noticed that it is very difficult and slow to log in to my webmail account when I have in excess of 100 emails (which is quite usual as I have over that in spam per day). In addition to it being slow it takes me at least 3 tries before it accepts my login and password. Surprisingly though after I have completely removed all my spam from the system, if I then log out and try again it lets me in almost instantly. Using the VER method is now absolutely hopeless so if I can't get webmail to perform properly I may have to consider other anti-spam methods. This I do not want to do as I really do like the spamcop concept. Can anyone offer any light
  13. Ah! that puts a different light on my query, although the other accounts (domains) are on the same server I think I'll register them anyway - just in case. If I am doing anything wrong I'd be grateful if someone could let me know Thanks
  14. What happens is I forward from several domains to one which automatically forwards everything it receives to Spamcop - so I presume I'm OK with just the main one being registered. Am I correct? Bye the way thanks yet again Wazoo
  15. Have just taken the plunge with this mailhost system and have registered by main account as well as spamcop of course. Question All my sites (several different domains) are hosted with the same people on the same webserver. I tend to forward from all these other domains to my main domain before forwarding on to spamcop. Having just registered my main domain do I still have to register each separate domain or will just the first one do. Look forward to hearing from you Cheers - Brian