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  1. These end up in my Held Mail folder. There is no "problem" here, I am making an observation, and a feature request: I am: - Merely making the observation that there is a massive amount of spam coming from one source, one source that is sending out the same obvious email, over and over again. - Wondering if there is a way to set up a rule within spamcop webmail which is what I use all day (I know how to set up rules in an email client that would accomplish what I want). The rule I would want is: So, this is a feature request: the current filter rules in spamcop webmail only allow you to "delete" or "move" a message. There is no option to "report as spam" and/or "forward to." Thanks!
  2. Anyone else deluged with these emails? To: [sent to each of my domain registration contact addresses] Subject: [No Subject] we email advertise your charity web site to 7,500,000 people. free. ht tp://ww w.em ailmar ketingas sociates. com That's the entire message, right there. Totally easy to find, because they never change any of the text. Several hundred times a day, for weeks now. I own about 100 domains, so that's about two to three messages per day, per domain. These are obviously major spammers, can we kill them? Seriously, though, I wish there was a way through webmail to have these messages automatically forwarded to spam[at]uce.gov, or to have them automatically deleted through a filter AND be reported as spam. I'd hate to set up a filter to automatically delete them, because I want them reported. Any ideas? Moderator edit: totally not sure why the spamvertised site 'needs' to broadcast/linked even further ... URL broken
  3. Don - Thanks for your help. Comments defining "block" vs. "warning" or "held" or whatever: this is a childish game of semantics. To the end user, there are only two states for mail: mail they get in their inbox, and mail that does not make it into their inbox. Saying an email wasn't blocked because it went into my held mail folder, where I have to search with an eagle's eye for it to stand out from 500 spam messages I get every day, is being disingenuous. It's in my held mail folder because bl.spamcop.net doesn't like it. How does that sound, "doesn't like it"? If that doesn't set off flags like "blocked" does, so be it, hopefully you understand my point. As for mail admins that use bl.spamcop.net (like myself on my client's mail servers): my mail server software doesn't allow for individual settings for each blocklist; I can input the RBLs like zen.spamhaus.org and bl.spamcop.net, and say to use SpamAssassin, but once I input those settings, I can only specify what to do with messages that are "not liked" by one or all of those methods; I can't say "if zen.spamhaus.org doesn't like it, bounce it, but if bl.spamcop.net doesn't like it, deliver it but tag the subject line with 'Junk Mail'".
  4. To clarify: contrary to what has been said above, spamcop CAN, and DOES block email. How? - When my client told me about their problem sending mail, their message to me went into my spamcop Held Mail folder (I'm a spamcop customer). If their message going to my Held Mail folder doesn't count as a block, what does? An outright bounce? - My client's mailservers all use bl.spamcop.net - because it's a fantastic RBL... normally. Shouldn't the ten complaint limit be adjusted for volume? I mean, if an AOL mailserver sends out a billion emails a day, and gets 100 complaints a day, is that really a sign that the mail server supports spammers? Same thing for 1and1 - and by the way, they didn't grow big by using small ISP's equipment, even if they bought the ISP. They own all of their own equipment, that is housed in their own facilities. Do a trace route on their IPs, it all goes back to Europe (Germany, I think). Thanks for any help on this...
  5. (I meant to type "blocked BY spamcop") bl.spamcop.net is blocking 1and1's < http:///www.1and1.com > mailserver at This is wreaking havoc! If spamcop is going to block 1and1, they might as well block earthlink and aol while they are at it! HELP! What to do? Thanks... P.S. Spamcop is the only list blocking this IP: http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/ip4r.ch?ip=
  6. I've seen several posts from people describing different issues that they've been having with different webmail features in the last week. In an attempt to bring it all together: YOU CAN'T MAKE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR IDENTITIES. That means delete them, edit them, add new ones. YOU CAN'T MAKE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR FILTERS. That means delete them, edit them, add new ones. You make the modification, it says it's accepted, and then when you try to make another mod, or go to the main screen, it's back the way it was before. It's not just you, it's everyone. Now, if SOMEONE IN ADMIN WOULD RESPOND to this post and just say "we're aware of the problem, it seems to have happend with the latest upgrade, and we're working on it," I'd be fine and patient. What's frustrating is sending emails to support and not getting a response, and seeing all of the posts here, with no official response. I love spamcop, it's a ton of features and the bonus is it costs almost nothing, I'm not a complainer, I just want to know that the problem is a known problem by the admins, and then I'll patiently wait. IF YOU'RE HAVING THIS PROBLEM (if you think you aren't, well, you are, you just don't know it yet, try to add/delete/edit an identity or filter), please reply to this post until it gets big enough for an Admin to see it and respond. Thanks! (To get to identities, go to OPTIONS then PERSONAL INFORMATION then EDIT YOUR IDENTITIES.)
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