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    Blocked because ISP is at fault

    Looks like I can safely put the blame on my ISP. But with no answers from them, I doubt if I will be able to get to send email again. I mean I cannot go and try and get a new cell-number, and if it takes 10000 emails to get me listed, I don't think there is the slightest chance of me sending that many with a cell-phone! To clear up an apperent misunderstanding. I have an IMAP account that is accessible via any PC connected to the web. Its something like those webmail thingies. I can always use an email app, in my case Thunderbird, to access my mail as well. When I log on to internet and use my webbrowser to access my mail, I am still able to send. But if I use Thunderbird (or even MSOutlook) I get this blocked message. Both methods use the same access point. My corporate access point won't allow connections to third party email systems, and it WinXP based, unlike my Linux at home. And the ISP is Mobile Telephone Networks who is my GSM service provider, so all in all things is tying in, but I am still without a solution. It seems that once I was ofline for a day or so, I am delisted, but after only two mails send yesterday, I was listed again. Now try and send 10000 emails with a cellphone in one day!!! Now I wonder where is that junk generated? Is someone just waiting for me to go online and then use my IP or is it just a coincidence that I was able to send the mails?
  2. I have lodged three disputes already with no replies from spamcop. Below is the printout from the site. I believe that I am being innocently targeted by SpamCop, but they are really not trying to be helpfull. First of all, I am using an IMAP account and used to access it on internet itself. The account is from www.myrealbox.com and believe me, they don't tolerate spam. I have now set up Linux on my home PC and use only GPRS with my cellphone to access internet. The moment I've tried to send mail about two weeks ago, I was blocked. The trouble it seems, is that my phone gets assigned an IP adress by the network provider. Now I do believe there is a huge pile of spammers using this network, but I am NOT one of them. I actually used the account so little that I was often send a warning if I don't access it, then it will be closed. I know for sure that the IP adres in question does not belong to me. I have tried with another PC and my phone, but get the same result. The fun part is, when I access my account on Internet, I can send as usual, no blocked spam warnings whatsoever, so its definetly not linked to my email account, but I am still using the same phone to access internet, thus the same IP. My problem is how to get myself clear from this "spammers?" I have removed my GPRS settings on my phone and requested the settings again in the hope of getting a new unlisted IP, but that did not help at all. It seems I am branded for life. I have lodged comlaints to my network provider at www.mtn.co.za, but they also don't reply. When I use my phone to access my corporate mail, with the same PC, I can send mail as normal, but I do use another GPRS access point that I ahve to set up manually. (The blocked IP, is set up OTA,*Over The Air*, meaning no choices for me.) Is IP's differing from access point to access point? To be quite honest our corporate lan should be blocked for spam if I can count the thousands of junk being passed around. Regards