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  1. Hi, Is anyone else having a problem with 'release and whitelist' ? When I try it, it appears to work, and gives the 'realeased' message, but the email remains in Held mail. I can 'move' it to the inbox using the webmail option, but not 'release and whitelist'. This has been happening since yesterday for me. Thanks, Frank
  2. Circular Journey : Following lots of links that take me to loads of places which don't help (with my particular problem) and eventually ending up at one suggesting I use the spamcop.net forum. Which is where I started. Missing Pages : I'm not prepared to descend into the maze of links again, I probably couldn't replicate my journeys anyway - but I did come across a few broken links. In future I will record them. (I'm not counting the one in your previous reply to me - I was able to deduce what you meant). Different Format : Well - you've described it well yourself. It makes finding a specific piece of information a bit of a nightmare. I've tried to persevere but no luck so far. However, I have followed turetzsr's suggestion and sent an email describing my problem via the email contact form. Overall though, if you did happen to know anywhere else I could find my answer, I would be even more grateful. Thanks for responding anyway.
  3. Hi, Can anyone help with my filtering problem : I am trying to add a filter rule to help clear out my 'Held Mail' so I can check it more easily for false positives. Most of the rules I have created seem to work OK, but I can't get ones based on Regular Expressions to work. To try it out, I created a simple test rule with the following entries : Body Regular Expression casino and set it to move all matching emails to a test folder. However, when I run this rule (and of course all the other rules) on my Held Mail, ALL of the Held Mails are moved to my test folder - even ones without the word casino in the body. I am obviously doing something wrong or misunderstanding the use of regular expressions. (Obviously, I want to use slightly more complicated expressions, but have started with something simple. I did try some more complicated examples I found elsewhere e.g. [v(\\\/)][[:punct:][:space:]]*[iìíîï¡1\|l\!]{1,3}[[:punct:][:space:]]*[aà áâåãäæ\[at]]{1,3}[[:punct:][:space:]]*[gqp9]{1,3}[[:punct:][:space:]]*r with the same result - all emails moved). Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong ? Thanks, Frank
  4. Wazoo - thanks for the reply. I had already looked in the SpamCop FAQ - but it's not much help - hence my question here. (also following many of the links takes me on a circular journey, or to missing pages or to out-of-date information or to pages in a completely different format which may or may not be relevant). What can I do next - I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to proceed. ? Frank.
  5. I dont know - all I could find was the very limited help which appears on the rule filter page. If I could find more comprehensive help, I might be able to work out the solution myself. As I couldnt find anything more comprehensive, I tried posting here.
  6. I also have the same problem. There is no single filter I found to get rid of all of them. What I did was : (1) Set up the first filter to checked for bounced mail from my own ISP (i.e. real bounced mail from me) and copy those to my Inbox. Check a real bounced email to get the format. (2) Then I set up filters to Trash/Delete all the most common forms of false bounces. I found about 10 filters removes 99% of them. Usually the From contains something like 'Mailer-Daemon' or 'postmaster' and the Subject contains something like 'Failure' or 'Undeliverable' . The only problem is that you have to log in (or use IMAP) to make this sort of thing work. One tip when checking Held Mail is to apply these filters there also. It removes a lot of the bounces, and leaves a lot less for Checking/Reporting/Deleting. A real PITA.
  7. This also happened for me this morning for the first time (i.e. emails are not actually deleted - just appear in a different color and with strikethrough) However, there is a 'Purge Deleted' option at the right-hand side of the screen which deletes the ones with 'strikethrough'. Looks like there's been some change to the default options, as I didn't change it myself.
  8. I wonder if anyone can help - For about the past month, my 'real' domain (which forwards all mail to Spamcop) seems to have been used as the fake return address by a spammer. This has meant that I am getting dozens of mail bounces to my inbox each day. I have now set up filters to remove most of these from my inbox when I log in to Spamcop. However, normally, I just use Eudora to download my email and only use the web interface occasionally to check held mail etc. Now I have to log in to get the Filters to operate, then run Eudora as normal. I would like the filters to run automatically, on a regular basis, rather than having to log in. The only current way I can see of doing this is to forget about Spamcop filters, download all the dud emails and filter them in Eudora. However, this seems to be a big waste. Anyone have any other suggestions (of course ideally I would just like the spammer to stop using my domain !!) Thanks.
  9. FrankC

    Spamcop Filters

    Sadly - no major victory. Tried IMAP, and will experiment further. In conjunction with my (soon !) broadband connection, I think it might be a viable option. However, now my 'user' filters seem to have stopped working - even when I log in to webmail..............back to the drawing board. Thanks.
  10. FrankC

    Spamcop Filters

    Steven I followed the FAQ - but no luck. However, I am using later version 6/6.1(beta) so this may be the difference. I plan on experimenting a bit more before I give up. Thanks. ----------------------------- Ok - I've now got IMAP to work. The solution was to set "secure sockets when receiving" to "never". Of course, this was not an end in itself - I still have to deal with the real problem (spam Bounces), but this should help. Thanks All
  11. FrankC

    Spamcop Filters

    Been a month so far !! Note - it's the bounces I'm getting, not the original spam messages. What appears to be happening is that Mr. Spammer is sending out thousands of emails, all with my domain as the return address. Many of them fail to be delivered for various reasons, and I am getting all these "undeliverable" messages. Spamcop doesn't regard these as spam - but they still clutter up my Inbox. Tried to get IMAP working with Eudora - but no success. Googling show other people with problems too, so I'm downloading the latest beta, which might help. That is indeed the case for the 'User defined Filters' - hence my original question. Many thanks for your pointers - esp. IMAP, which I will pursue.
  12. FrankC

    Spamcop Filters

    Thanks for the reply. Ok - to try and clarify - the 'Filters' I am referring to are the User Filters (don't know if they have another name) which move incoming mail into different folders - not the Spamcop spam filters. Spamcop cannot recognise and remove all the spam email bounces I am now getting (a huge amount), so I have set up my own filters to do this. Up until I started getting all these 'spam Bounces', I just used Eudora to download my mail and occasionally logged into the Spamcop Webmail interface. (Over time, I had got all my Spamcop settings working pretty well - so I had no reason to log in every time). I just want this 'User Filtering' to be automated in some way, so I don't need to first log in to Webmail every time I want to use Eudora to download my email to my PC. (If I don't log on to Webmail, the filters don't work and - I have to download loads of rubbish - on a dial-up line). AFAIK Eudora does have an IMAP capability, but I never knew why I might need to use it - POP always worked fine up until now. Would it help ?