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  1. On Monday night around 10 p.m., all my Spamcop email came forwarding into my .Mac account. So, the problem seems to be fixed. I'm glad that problem is fixed. But, the utter lack of communication from Apple is pretty annoying. In typical .Mac style, this problem isn't mentioned in the System Status log and the the Status for Mail was Green throughout the problem. Apple also hasn't responded to the email I sent to tech support yesterday.
  2. It seems that .Mac isn't just rejecting forwarding from Spamcop. AT&T is having issues forwarding to .Mac also. http://www.macintouch.com/#tips.2006.10.23
  3. Just gotten my answer from Spamcop's Wenmail login page: [23:06 EDT] It appears that the mac.com email service is not accepting email from us. If you use them and are missing email, it might be useful to send mac.com a note and ask them why they are not allowing incoming email from us. In the meantime, we'd suggest turning off all forwarding to mac.com. You can POP from us just as easily. If they start accepting emails from us again, the thousands of messages we have queued here will be delivered.
  4. All, I have not gotten an email in my Spamcop account since 10:09 p.m. on Thursday. Test emails I send to my account do not get delievered, nor do they bounce. Strangely, spam is being held for me just fine. But, real email isn't being held or being delievered. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there anything I can do to fix it? Thanks!
  5. I would think if the message gets forwarded on and never left on the server that you couldn't access via IMAP. But, I don't know much about this stuff. Either way, what I wanna do is forward my filtered mail on to the tmo.blackberry.com account that I use, as that account sends email to the BlackBerry immediately rather than having to be POPed every 10 minutes. I didn't know that, but thanks for the info!
  6. Sorry that I missed those threads. I did try looking around to see if this had been addressed, but didn't see anything. I would be surprised for this to require a lot of programming effort. You just forward and keep email rather than forward and delete email. But, I'm no programmer. So, perhaps I don't appreciate the issues involved. If anyone reading this could add this feaure, it would really make my life easier! Thanks!
  7. I just signed up for the $30 Spamcop email servce today and am already loving the results. Many thanks to those involved! I am a T-Mobile BlackBerry user and had hoped to be able to forward email I get at my Spamcop address to my T-Mobile BlackBerry account. That way, I could get filtered email on my BlackBerry while still being able to get at my mail via POP and Webmail at Spamcop.net. (T-Mobile/RIM doesn't allow POP or Webmail from its tmo.blackberry.net addresses, so I can't get at messages that way). Would it be possible to have an option when forwarding mail from Spancop.net to also leave a copy on the Spamcop.net server? It would make my life a lot easier. I am now having my BlackBerry get my email from Spamcop.net via POP. But, the BlackBerry will only check mail via POP every 10 minutes whareas email forwarded to my BlackBerry email accout reaches my BlackBerry instantly. Would it be a big deal to implement a "leave a copy" option? Thanks!
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