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  1. I can confirm that the problem has resurfaced... Gateway Timeout The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. Reference #1.26011a3a.1341049333.1132fb2c
  2. Is anyone aware? Has the site crashed? Does anyone care? Oh well I suppose I'll just trash all the stuff over 24 hours old and try again tomorrow...
  3. Looks like most of us down-under are the first to experience the problem Let's hope it get's resolved soon, the crap is mounting up in my Junk Folder
  4. Having had a series of arguments with them (and them denying everything) BigPond here in Oz should be added as they now even admit to the hidden filtering practice on their Web Site. They're blocking "identifiable" incoming spam so I can't report it. How we're supposed to get the Spammers off the air when the mails are blocked is beyond me. The filters work on outgoing mail too, so if the spam came to my Email client via a non BigPond Mail Server, the attachment I send to you is sometimes identified on it's way out and the whole Mail Message is just trashed without even a non-delivery notification. Nice....... NOT This quote from the BigPond Web Site on this page - Email Services - Telstra BigPond: SNIP..... Your mailbox is automatically covered by our network spam and Email Virus Filters. That'll cut out a lot of annoying junk mail SNIP..... And the reason I was raging at them? This crap filter is so Draconian that it is also restricting genuine email that I want to receive :angry:
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