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  1. The topic is saying resolved, but as of 8:50 AM on 9/28 I cannot log in with my username and password, though I can still get to IMAP and the config pages on www.spamcop.net.
  2. I can not log in to webmail this morning with a rude messsage about checking my password and renew my account. My account expires on 3/5/2008 and I can still log into www.spamcop.net (where I checked that date) so I know I am getting my password right. my username is martello at the domain spamcop period net.
  3. Wazoo, thanks for the reply. Just to clarify, I used key and key pair interchangeably. In both cases I meant both the public and private key pairs. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done via the IMP preferences pane for PGP. The only option given is to delete the key, which does not work (presumably due to the refresh problem you stated). I suppose I could try and import that key into GnuPG and try to revoke it from there. Not sure which key-server spamcop is using, but hopefully it will get word eventually. I will give that a shot tomorrow and post the result once I do.
  4. I have tried to delete my PGP keypair from IMP several times without any success. Each time I try to delete the key the interface will refresh correctly looking like the key was deleted, but a refresh of the PGP preference page shows the key still there. I have also tried adding a new key, which I use with GnuPG, but that seems to do nothing. Again, the webmail client says that the key was successfully imported, but it never shows up in the preference page. I would appreciate any information on how to remove the keys or help from an administrator in solving the issue. Thanks