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  1. Problem solved - I'd left my mail client running on my PC at home . Chris
  2. There's definitely something strange going on. When I logged onto webmail a few minutes ago there were several messages in my inbox. Just logged in again and my inbox is now empty. I didn't delete - or even read - the messages. I've reported an issue using the "Problem" form in webmail. Chris
  3. Has there been a system outage this morning? I was unable to reach the webmail site at 5am (GMT) or collect mail by POP3, and couldn't get to this forum, either. Seems to be back now, but no mail in my inbox. Perhaps there's a backlog of mail waiting to be processed? Nothing on the news page. Was there a genuine outage, or was it some problem local to me in the UK? Thanks, Chris
  4. Good news - I've just had a successful POP mail collection. Hopefully that means that the issue is well on the way to being fixed. Chris
  5. Unfortunately if you're with an ISP whose mail system doesn't support mail forwarding, POP collection is the only choice! Chris
  6. Have you any estimate for how long it's likely to take to fix the POP issue? It's been broken for well over 24h now. Thanks, Chris
  7. Sorry, still not fixed. Still getting "Unknown error: 10". I can collect mail direct from my ISP without problem, so I'm pretty sure it's a problem at Spamcop's end. Email sent as requested.
  8. I'm seeing the same. Webmail reports "Unknown error: 10". I've submitted a problem report. I'd suggest you do the same. Chris
  9. Please, leaving out the technical stuff, can anyone answer a simple question: when will the system be up and running again?
  10. Please, support, do you have any idea how long this is likely to take to resolve? Thanks, Chris
  11. Since last night I've been getting occasional authentication timeouts on the POP3 server. Perhaps related? It's happened again just now. Took three attempts to log in. Chris
  12. The web site is painfully slow at present - it's taking minutes to respond to any operation. Is this a consequence of the mail restoration? Thanks, Chris
  13. Sorry - were we supposed to let someone know that we wanted our e-mail restored? I must have overlooked that announcement. Is the restore not happening for everybody? Chris
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