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  1. Hi. I am not new to this, but I don't quite understand what is going on that is blocking my emails going out. About a year ago, I signed up with 1and1 for email and site hosting, for myself and a non profit that I am associated with. We are using outlook and standard POP accounts for access. As of last week, both accounts are suddenly blacklisted by a wide variety of domains. AOL / Netscape was one of the first, but it spread. And sometimes it is turned off, and then back on. The provider says that they are sorry about it, and they are working on it. I assume some customer is generating spam through this provider. It was news to me that my emails go out through the provider's relay with their IP. I get to the web via QWEST, and then 1and1 does the relay of the emails. Their relay IP is the one that gets blocked. My IP never goes anywhere -- I am behind QWest's firewall. I have some consolation in that ALL of their customers are blocked, but it is very annoying, to say the least. I am trying to give the non profit some other options, to avoid this kind of problem in the future. Any suggestions? I thought of signing up with AOL to provide the email service. They don't do POP but they support IMAIL. And we would lose our unique domain name -- but I think it unlikely anyone is going to block an AOL address. Any other good ideas? Anything out there that is impervious to this problem? Thanks. Appreciate your reading this far! Carl
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