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    Blacklisted because of misdirected bounces

    Thanks Steven, it was several mails sent to postmaster[at]xxxx.com
  2. f.vanniere

    Blacklisted because of misdirected bounces

    I've seen another issue. In the default configuration exim always accept webmaster[at]xxxx.com as recipient even if the addess doesn't exist. It could be the cause of the blacklisting
  3. Hello, My mailserver "" is beeing blacklisted because of "Misdirected bounces". The server (Exim4) rejects email at SMTP time most of the time (no such user, blacklisted, ...) but for email redirections or autoresponders the message is accepted if the email address exists and a bounce message can be send to the sender if : The target of the redirection can't receive the email There is a auto-responder on the email address I can't remove auto-responder because my users want it (more than 4000 email addresses) and I can't discard bounces after a email redirection because the sender has to be warned is message has not been delivered.