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  1. Eureka!!!. I was dumb enough that I forgot about first and most important thing about poping from yahoo when it comes to use of external clients. It won't work unless I subscribe and pay for premium services. Basic service from pop.mail.yahoo.com won't work unless you have Mail Plus for 19.99 a year. Well worth for me and now everything (spamcop.net, mailwasher and outlook) is working just fine. Thanks JT for replying to my e-mail Kris
  2. Well, I read all the pertaining infor from links provided and got to nowhere. I reverted yahoo's beta to clasical, changed the password, deleted setting from spamcop server and still nothing. I wrote to JT for help as I can't think about anthing else
  3. Yes, Wazoo it is yahoo with beta e-mail but, my first account is with beta as well. should I change that? I will and let's see.
  4. DT. Thanks so much for looking at forum's questions. That is very correct what you write. I had configured my second POP the same way as I did to my first POP (pop.mail.yahoo.com than user and password) and all the information is identical to my first config except the user and password. The "Last Error" colum reads "Invalid password" and of course "error count" reads how many attempts Spamcop had made (thus far 20). So, what is the deal? Truly will appreciate your input as I do like the results of "external pop's" filtering Kris
  5. Jeff. I have two e-mails (two users) on my account. My first POP configuration works without problems, why the second user displays "invalid password" in forwarding options? and of course it doesn't work - sadly Kris Moderator Edit: extracted from the FAQ entry at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3704 .. made into it's own Topic .. moved to the SpamCop Email System & Accounts > SpamCop Flat-Rate Email Account Setup Forum section, based on the (implied) use of a SpamCop.et e-mail account. Noting also that Jeff G. hasn't been around in a long while .... this is a public (support) Forum .. answers can come from just about anyone ...
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