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  1. I get 5 or more similar spams per day from bezeqint.net, originating from several new, different email addresses each day, but an IP address for bezeqint.net is always involved. This spam is coming in via several internal company mailing lists or aliases. The spammers may have queried the mail server to harvest these addresses some time ago. This has been going on daily for many, many months. The spams contain no way to unsubscribe, no links, not even a valid email address. The originators are often from yahoo, hotmail, or other free email addresses or obscure ISPs. Sometimes headers are forged. Their purpose seems to be publishing stock tips. WHY would anyone be interested in anonymous (and suspicious) stock tips? Why do the spamers persist? It appears that the spammer makes a business of signing up for free email addresses, and sending out their volumes of spam. Then they quit using the addresses, and repeat that HIT-AND-RUN procedure several times a day, with new originating email addresses. The originating mail usually comes from: or other IP addresses that all get reported to: abuse[at]bezeqint.net, an ISP loacated in Israel? There are always several new, different email originator addresses each day, but abuse[at]bezeqint.net is always on the reporting list in SPAMCOP. For about two weeks now, I have reported this spam on SPAMCOP.net, about once a day, for one or two of the originating email addresses, but to no avail. I have marked it as spam in GMAIL, also to no avail. Still getting five or six similar spams per day. Should I continue to report these to SPAMCOP.NET? How often? Daily? How many per day? (There are different originators, but bezeqint.net is always in the mix.) Should I report daily for each different originating address, or just once per day for bezeqint? What does it take to shut off this kind of spam?
  2. Specifically, HOW can a virus be reported?
  3. geofan49

    Report a Virus -- How?

    Yeah, that is how I have been using SpamCop since day one with Yahoo web mail client. Works great! Too bad that method does NOT work with GMAIL, must copy and paste the email into the SpamCop webform, forward GMAIL does not work... with SpamCop... My question is, if I do the "Yahoo forward as attachment", and that attachment incudes the virus attachment, will the virus get reported too?
  4. It wasn't clear to me if it was OK to report each spam each day, if they originated from the same ISP. Thanks for the explanations. Seems like submitting at least THREE per day could help... but depends on how much volume of non-spam gets sent from that same IP addr to determine if it gets on the SCBL or not. Reporting spam to SpamCop is not as effective as I had expected it would be. It did seem like I was getting some revenge by reportingl that spam, but probably not, unless a lot of others are reporting it also. After googling bezeqint spam abuse it seems like abuse reports to them do not get attention.
  5. Does Yahoo or Gmail use the SPAMCOP database? Does reporting daily for two weeks do any good, or does the IP addr still get forgiven every 24 hours?
  6. geofan49

    Report a Virus -- How?

    So, if I use Yahoo mail, and I am simply doing the "Forward as Attachement" is that sufficient to report a virus? I see that forwarding from Yahoo normally includes any attachment.
  7. Tried and tried using my Yahoo account with the webform. Error every time: Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors: Confirmation codes do not match: ... But when I did the FORWARD AS ATTACHMENT it worked ok! Moderator Edit: extracted from http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4602 and made into it's own Topic