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    Why is my mail server being blocked?

    One thing I know that the mail server does is it bounces messages back once a user's email box is full. A support person at MCI told me a month ago that the service department had to make a change to the way the incoming and outgoing servers synced. This is what they said was causing the problem with the them being listed by SpamCop. I have called a few of the companies that we are having problems sending emails to and talked to their IT people (monkeys I would prefer to call them) asking them to have us removed from the list. This was before reading the FAQs and discovering that the blocklist is just a guide for companies to use and that they can edit the list. Obviously these people are not reading any of the FAQs. :angry: I just hope a solution is found before we all go nuts... The idea of having in-house email is sounding better all the time. I thank you guys for your input and I will keep reading the FAQs. Thanks especially to the person who created this Forum! JohnnyB
  2. JohnnyB

    Why is my mail server being blocked?

    Thanks for the info Wazoo! I will look into the FAQs and the PINs as you suggest, but for the record our info is based on what MCI is telling us. We can't email and they can't tell us why Spamcop is blocking us so that gets fustrating as it is an ongoing thing. I hope the spammer and found and flogged!! :angry: JohnnyB
  3. My mail server is being blocked and the only reason that is listed is "email was sent to a spam trap". My mail server is Can someone please check it? The server belongs to an ISP so there are 1000's of people using it which means that ANYONE could have sent a spam. Thanks in advance for any help! JohnnyB