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  1. I would start with the basics for email and work up from there for HTML and Word as the editor. Drop all the settings back to Plain Text for viewing/reading email as well as when creating one (separate settings for both) and see if that displays the text when replying to an email. Some setups may block images in HTML messages or certain content also. Is there an Anti-Virus/Anti-spam program running that is blocking this? Does the user have webmail and does text appear when replying to this certain email (webmail will usually be plain text for the most part hopefully). Create a duplicate Outlook account on another machine and see if is it machine-specific or profile-specific. Then you will know if you need to repair Outlook or the profile or settings within Outlook. Good luck.
  2. AFIK, mailhosts are different from hostnames. Your hostname could be [company_name.org] and be nowhere close to the same as the mailhost [mxdrop25.xs4all.nl]. Hostnames are registered and can be searched in a whois database, etc. Mailhosts are also listed but are more or less defined to be any name that the email server may use. For example, I registered a Comcast.net account and it lists no less than 95 mailhosts (and 95 relaying IPs). I only listed a single email address but it found all of those automatically. Now if I report anything from that Comcast.net account it can make sure it is not spam when any of those 95 hosts are matched in the header. Email with HostGator shows about 35 mailhosts. Yahoo is insane - it has about 2,000 mailhosts. Hopefully this clears things up a bit.
  3. Good tips. Also, a soft reset is a good way to clear out some things on the phone as well. For the Windows Mobile version I have found that browsing and email downloading/sending is much faster if you periodically clear out the "Temp IE files." To do this go to the File Explorer and browse to the folder "MyDevice / Windows / Profiles / guest / Temporary IE Files / Content.IE5" and delete only the folders listed, select "Yes" to delete them and then "Yes to all" for the system files (the "Yes to all" is the middle button which usually gets obscured behind the on-screen keyboard icon).
  4. I just logged in from my Palm Treo (Windows platform) and it worked successfully. I generally just report my Held email from my phone since the mobile Outlook app grabs it from SpamCop after that so I never mess with mobile SpamCop.
  5. Thanks Farelf and Wazoo. The order might be wacky because my post in the Reporting Help section was at 16:20 and appears as the first post here which was actually by cherrick and my second post in the other topic was at 16:46 I think. It all accomplishes the same thing though. I see that both of my posts with links go to to a dead link now, since the topic was merged to this one. Moderator Edit: removed the now-nonexistent URL .. see no reason to leave it for the search engine bots.
  6. IT'S ALIVE !!!!!! (as of about 17:00 ET) I also see that when I select an email with the checkbox on the left side in webmail it highlights the whole line in yellow and prior to this outage I think it just selected the checkbox. Is that right or was I that non-observant that I never noticed before?
  7. Star date: 09/10 [at] 16:45. I was just able to send a spam report (it actually completed the lookup of parsing the weblink and determining who the abuse email was for those links). Webmail still doesn't load but sending a spam report works now.
  8. Self-moderating note to the Admins -- I made a post in the "SpamCop Reporting Help" section that could be merged with this one now.
  9. What is interesting is I just sent myself a test email and received it on my phone (Palm Treo's Outlook) so the email is working fine just the webmail portion is temporarily hosed for some of us. I can even see my Held Email bin but not Webmail.
  10. I was 6 minutes ahead of you posting this. Woo-hoo ... I WIN !
  11. I so rarely get the opportunity to forward an email to my spam reporting account (normally it lands in my Held Email bin and it is Quick Reporting after that). I submitted an email to my SC account at 15:58 ET and it arrived in my SC webmail at about 16:00. I followed the link but it didn't find accurate headers so I manually pasted it into the Outlook workaround form. This worked and I was ready to send the report when it took 2-3 minutes before I stopped it. I tried to login to webmail and it was unresponsive (timed out). Shall I just try again? I didn't want the same partial-report to get stuck mid-stream somewhere but also didn't want to lose it since it is being reported from my business email and I wanted to get the report emailed back to our Owner for his records.
  12. Heh, I was thinking more long-term like someone searching the Forum down the road who might find some quick tips on how to speed up their own browser. For the quick answer though - it is not slow on my machine but YMMV and if it was fast once it may one day again be fast but if Yahoo is slow then it is most likely not the SpamCop Forum. I am always picking up helpful tips though (I had forgotten about the command "netsh" until a recent post reminded me about it). Sorry if I gave tips you already know but it sounds like they were a good general recommendation if you agreed to similar diagnosing steps. Good catch. They recently came out with Spybot v1.6 and I too have been using this for years and it is currently installed on my machine and not slowing down the browsing. I will remember this for other clients of mine when disabling the Google Toolbar doesn't solve it. I'm sure you didn't have to remove all of Spybot though. I have lately been using its Schedule feature to do a daily automatic update and then shortly thereafter a daily automatic scan that fixes all problems and then closes the program. I have encountered no issues with that program. I have not needed to tweak it either since I have not had issues but somewhere in the settings might be what you need. Do you run both add-on features: IE protection (SDHelper) and System settings protection (TeaTimer) or just the IE protection or neither? I used to have TeaTimer running so I would not have any rogue items modifying the registry. I have had that disabled for a while now and found it interfered with some A/V programs and other items on the computer. Thanks for clearing up the issue though and good luck.
  13. To take a page out of Wazoo's past posts ... "Way too much guessing going on here, Steven. We need some specifics please." <smirk> I just tested this as a Guest and when Logged in and both were the same with about a 1.0 second response time from when I clicked on a Forum topic to when it displayed the posts. How long is yours taking? Anyway, let me try to get this resolved for you. Did these pages used to load quickly? What software/hardware changes have been made in the last 1-2 weeks? What are your specific machine details including: CPU, RAM, PC type, OS and Service Pack, etc. (type "dxdiag" at the Run command for this info)? What browsing are you using? Assuming you are on a high-speed connection and that it used to be fast in the past and using the fact that Yahoo is also slow there might be something we can do to fix it. Try these steps below and let me know if any of them resolve the slow-browsing issue. I work mainly with PCs with XP so let me know if it is a Mac. Your Vista will have its own places for things but I might be able to help as well (enable things like "Network discovery" and enable/disable "User Access Control" or whatever it is called in Vista). Restart in "Safe Mode with Networking" (on a PC press the F8 key when starting to get the option screen) Enable all Cookies, increase the Cache for temp files, disable all Pop-up blockers or make sure that any "block Cookie" options are removed from previous settings Turn off any browser toolbars (Google's toolbar has been known to slow down browser response) Disable any Anti-Virus program that is running and quit all other programs Try another browser on your machine or another machine on your network Change your DNS (or flush it first, change it, close and open your browser, load the Forum, press Ctrl-F5 to do a full reload of the page) I use a home-built PC with XP Pro SP3, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, ATI Radeon X1650 video card with 512 MB video RAM at 1680x1050 resolution, high-speed Cable Internet, Firefox 3.0.1, AVG Internet Security 8.0, block all cookies in Firefox but have allowed all cookies for SpamCop webmail and SpamCop Forums, block pop-ups in Firefox. That is overkill for simple web-browsing but that was not the PC's original intent. Let me know how any of those fair to speed up the browsing.
  14. I finally have time to hit the Forum again and had wanted to post this a long time ago and don't know if it is feasible to add a SpamAssassin column or not. I agree it would be a great help.
  15. Greetings. I'm not sure where to post this but a SpamCop Admin suggested the "CodeBase Changes" forum but I can't locate that at this time. I recently made a post and the auto-email generated from my post has a misspelled word toward the bottom. It says, "If you have configured in your control panel to recieve immediate topic reply notifications ..." but "recieve" should be spelled "receive." Can this be corrected by someone? Thanks in advance.
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