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  1. When I get a chance I will try but feel free to contact them yourself. The domain/provider is listed in my first post. My personal contact there has since moved from that job and I have to go through the normal channels and hit the public-access of IT support. Great folks though (shameful freebie plug).
  2. On the contrary, I log in several times a day just for the thrill of reporting the spam (and love when it displays, "Yum, this spam is fresh." My average reporting time is now down to 7 hours and, at present, the last email in my Held Email section was #18,459. I can't remember how long I've had my full-account but have probably reported in the neighborhood of about 18,000 emails (I have my filters set to hold anything not on my whitelist so that bumps up the count but it also lets me report everything instead of having some slip through to my email program). I'd love to be able to generate a chart/graph on my reports showing the increase/decrease after making changes to the filtering to see if things are making a difference. I used to do the full reporting and read through and learn why and how it was being stopped but I have been using the Quick Reporting ever since that feature was developed and love the ease of it. I can not answer that and they might keep it a secret so people don't copy their system. All I know is that I receive 0% of any spam from that service and it is bouncing 250 messages a day. I even signed up for a MySpace account with that address to specifically check what spam gets sent to it. In the first week I saw no increase really (hard to tell though) but 15 actual/good emails got through without being held, without having to be released, without raising any flags. Sure they were from an actual mailserver but their system works extremely efficiently and never lets through any spam. I don't know if it reports it and maybe I should release some of those messages to my SpamCop account and report it and see what I find. Don't get me wrong - I've been extremely pleased with SpamCop ever since I signed up with them many years ago though I can't remember when that was (any Admins wanna look it up for me?). This is under the New Feature Report so I was just running one up the flagpole.
  3. Thanks, Steve, and a lightning-fast response time as well. That is why I was suggesting a very high SpamAssassin score of 20 or maybe if that ISP has been reported more than 100,000 times or is on a blacklist already. I mean, if half a million other users have already reported the IP sending emails with a topic of "EQSE News" or "hi it's Jimenez" then is there a smart section or something learning all of this so that those IPs can at least be blocked until they are off a certain blocklist? I have my Held Email holding every sender that is not on my Personal Whitelist. This stops even good email but I've noticed that all good emails are always under a SpamAssassin rating of 20 (more like 0 or 2 at most). I like this level of control as it allows zero spam to get through to my email though it means I have to report 100% of the spam that gets held. Do I need to allow SpamCop to do some auto-filtering and stop spam before it gets to me? These are new features or options we are talking about so I'm just putting the thought out there. I agree that it won't work if it takes a manual-look at the emails to prevent false reports. I just notice that on another email provider I just select to flag/hold/bounce any email from "5-10-SG Misc. Broken Networks / blackholes.five-ten-sg.com=" or "Bogus IP Addresses / bogons.dnsiplists.completewhois.com" or "If email has x number of flags or more" and it is nice that I don't have to deal with the number of emails hitting any of these pre-set options (on THAT email address I have received daily 207, 274, then 230 bounced emails) meaning that is 250 fewer reports I've had to report in SpamCop and that makes me happy. Sure I would love to report spam and help cure the problem but I'd also rather never see email from certain countries or IPs or people on blacklists. I don't think SpamCop allows this though - you get all the mail and your only option is to either view it in your Inbox or to place it in the Held email (or run a set of filters to delete it, move it, etc.) but you always receive it -- I'd rather just block some of them completely as I'm sure I'm not the only person receiving that email so it will get reported by someone else somewhere else.
  4. Long time reporter - first time posting (ala, Mr. Obvious). I've been wondering a similar thing as well. I also have an account with Pobox.com and have been pleased with their spam filters and they have options setup for many blocklists that allow you to either Flag, Hold, Bounce, or Ignore the email from each specific blocklist (about 65 available). These are just held or bounced/deleted so I don't know if the bad ones are being reported as spam but it is nice to have so many options. I tried searching the forums here but did not find a post to help but maybe I missed it. Anyway, I would like a feature or option that allows auto-reporting of email based on several options and maybe this is what you are also asking. I check my Held Email account several times per day and 99% of all of it is able to be reported and it just gets boring to be on the 3rd day of "Check out this stock" or "<name> wrote" when it hits at a SpamAssassin rating of over 20. I would like a way to auto-report anything over a SpamAssassin level or if that country is on a Blocklist. There are options to block these and hold for review but auto-reporting would save a lot of manual reviewing.
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