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  1. When trying to deliver your message, the mail server at mail.internode.on.net encountered problems with the following addresses: For <enquiry.bnit[at]det.qld.gov.au>, Site (det.qld.gov.au/ said: 550 Rule imposed as evangw[at]internode.on.net is blacklisted on SpamCop (see www.spamcop.net) For a more detailed explanation see http://netwinsite.com/surgemail/deliver_failed.htm Reporting-MTA: dns; mail.internode.on.net Final-Recipient: rfc822;enquiry.bnit[at]det.qld.gov.au Action: failed Status: 5.0.0 Diagnostic-code smtp; Site (det.qld.gov.au/ said: 550 Rule imposed as evangw[at]internode.on.net is blacklisted Hello, I'm not entirely sure why my email address has been blacklisted. I have run all the Spyware, AntiVirus scans to be sure which are clean, unless I've been hijacked before between one of my regular formats. I've never had a report of a user in my email address book being targeted but maybe the .gov.au was. Or can a blacklist be created at their end? Perhaps the government doesn't like me. The FAQ mentions IP addresses for myself, which also aren't apparent. How do I go about sorting this out? Thanks in advance.
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    Individual Email Blocked

    So how shall I go about finding these things?
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    Individual Email Blocked

    No, I haven't sorted anything out yet. My IP is not static so I could never chase up which one was blocked. Petzl: I run similar programs as per listed in your signature. Since my IP changes, plus I format regularly, I can not be 100% sure I was never infected during a certain format/IP association. Though I am quite careful... Next step is to approach the Education Organisation I suppose if SpamCop can't help me. I have just used a different email domain to contact them, rather than my main user account. I'm wondering if all my internode.on.net accounts are blocked? It took me a while to post back because I asked for email notifications of replies, which I have not received, though I did receive my Registration email.