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  1. All OK now - thanks to all concerned
  2. I am also having problems, outlook error message "Your email server rejected your login" Who / what is JT, please?
  3. I use Orange / Wanadoo / Freeserve as my mailhost. I have tried to verify my spamcop email both via http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=mhreturn and by copying & pasting the spamcop account configuration email to mhconf.xCrLVtz6usV8sn0M[at]cmds.spamcop.net I am getting error message "Headers not found. It appears you did not provide all email headers" I have checked your forum and pinned messages but can't find info relating to this issue and Orange / Wanadoo / Freeserve. Any assisatnce would be welcomed. Thank you. David
  4. Wazoo, Thank you - I have now located this announcement.
  5. Sorry guys, I have checked out some of the other threads and FAQs but am still confused about this. I use Outlook as my mail client and my outgoing messages go out via Wanadoo/Orange servers which are frequently blocked. The spamcop email setup instructions for Outlook say "email from your email program will go out through your ISP without passing through SpamCop" which I don't think is what I need. [reference at http://mail.spamcop.net/setup/setup_pop2.php ] Can you direct me to more info on the SpamCop SMTP AUTH service. Thanks.
  6. If I use the Spamcop email service, doesn't my outgoing (SMTP) mail still go out through my ISP - the dreaded Orange/Wanadoo. In which case, won't it still get blocked from time to time?
  7. I have just joine the banging-head-against-brickwall club Any recommendations on more reliable ISP - is TalkTalk OK? Thanks