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  1. Should I leave AVG running in the background (on) all the time? I've downloaded and began using Zone Alarm FREE firewall once again and have shut off Windows firewall - is this a better set-up than just using Windows firewall?? Moderator Edit: extracted from a SpamCopDNSBL Topic/Discussion as the focus of the query has changed. PM sent to advise of the actions.
  2. What seemed to have changed for me is: I used the removal tool on this site after loking up my IP address in: "Am I listed". Waited 12-18 hours. Turned my pc off for the night. Is it true every time I shut down my pc I'll obtain a different IP address? Maybe leaving it on will help? Verizon DSL will only issue a static IP address to business accounts that come with faster speeds and higher monthly fees...........I passed on that and I'm up and running again with no clue how or why again........ Thanks - still clueless, Tim P.S. I might have that virus mentioned above and I'll do the cleaning/scanning thing later on tomorrow - I suppose that could have caused all of this and I'll better protect my pc in the future now that I know!
  3. I'm searching the internet for the fix if I do have the virus! Might have to buy software - I got rid of all that 3rd party virus software because I thought all it did was run in the background and slow me down and conflict with some other software. Being carefull I've never had a problem with viruses or anything - ever!!!
  4. Sorry about that - please change my username to: timmyt I tried to do it myself but as you know I can't do it..........Thanks! Moderator Edit: fixed quoting
  5. Hello, I'm still trying to read, comprehend and take the steps suggested! Thank you for the quick responses and I'll follow-up tonight or tomorrow as the problem persists and even if it corrects itself I want to know why and how to prevent it in the future. Thanks Again
  6. Hello, I don't know all the posting rules here and I have only average computer knowledge! I'll try to give you all the facts as I know them so someone can get me out of this blocked email list jam. 1)I use Verizon DSL for my ISP and work out of my house. 2) I'm using Outlook Express and have configured my business mail to send/receive from the domain and mail hosting service I own and/or subscribe to. 3) I don't send any marketing or spam email - ever!!! Here's what happens right out of the blue (for about the 3rd or 4th time in the last couple months) when I try to send outgoing mail from one of my business email accounts via Outlook Express on my home connection: An unknown error was returned from the SMTP server. Account: 'Timmy T.', Server: 'mail.webtixdirect.com', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '571 was found in bl.spamcop.net', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 571, Error Number: 0x800CCC61 I have spent hours on this issue with Verizon and trying to read online and I tried to get off the list but the email goes to Verizon? I seemed to have fallen off the list in the past but the time lost is killing me...... HELP and THANKS, Tim
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