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    Source of BlackListing

    I was just reminded that VPS is a cheaper option of getting a dedicated IP rather getting a dedicated server. I guess if I only use the account for mail purposes - it should function quite well!!
  2. HostAdore

    Source of BlackListing

    That's what I figured. I am working towards this with 4 of my clients (ie 1 dedicated server for the 4 clients and about 15 websites). But the most suitable box I can find is $249 a month + another $100 to have someone maintain it. I guess they will have to put up with these problems until they can afford that. Thanks for the tip. I will look into this. It might be the best interim solution if I can find a good provider. OK, after a bit of reading I realised that what you meant by running my own mail server was not what I thought. The problem with setting up a mail server here for the client is that it will require my client to have constant internet access and power supply. Unfortunately neither of those exist where the client is, so it would only make the problem worse. However, if I can find a datacenter that will lease a cheap server purely for the purpose of mail, (which is what I thought you meant) then this would be the way to go. Of course, if the hosting provider could control spam from the server that the client is on, then none of this would be a problem. Looks like a cheap dedicated server is the way to go.
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    Source of BlackListing

    Lol - I don't know what half of that means, but I will take your word for it that there are some serious issues with this server and spamming. Any advice on finding a better service provider where my clients will not encounter these issues? A good mail service is very important to my clients and having the server blacklisted is not a step in the right direction.
  4. HostAdore

    Source of BlackListing

    Hey Wazoo, I haven't checked the FAQ yet, but will do so. I already contacted the server administrator on behalf of the client and they said they fixed the issue with the blacklist. (it was the first thing I did) However, I am 99% sure that this does not mean that the offenders were removed from the server. It probably only means that they pressed that button that requested the server to be removed from the blacklist. I am pretty sure that the spammers are still there and will continue to, as you say, "spew". I am having this account moved to a different server next week anyway. Once again I will have no way to control or monitor the actions of others as this is a shared server as well. Since this is a new server, i am hoping it will not be a problem. I was hoping that there was some way for me to identify spammers so I can force the ultimate hosts to remove these accounts for the benefit of all. I can not see how to do this, so I guess the only thing I can do is to rely on the ultimate host to do their job properly. (However, I can see from above that The Planet don't really care about these reports)
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    Source of BlackListing

    Thanks DRA007. No, none of those look familiar. This is a shared server so it could easily have been sent from someone's else's account. Is there not a way of telling which domain it was sent from? I don't know if the above are spam or not though, but if they are and I know which domain is sending them then I can lobby to have that domain terminated or something.
  6. HostAdore

    Source of BlackListing

    Hi SpamCop, The client is on a shared server with a lot of other sites. (they are changing the server in 2 weeks - but again to another shared server). There were 10 spam reports in the last 144 days. The server will be delisted in 20 hours. But, I think it is likely that there is a spammer on this server sending spam to a SpamCop client, so more than likely that the server will be black listed as soon as it is delisted. Is there a way of determining who is sending the spam that is causing problems for this server? I could then lobby for this client to be thrown off the server if is really is spam they are sending. (The server IP is Thanks for helpin!