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    Bounce Error

    Hi - I didn't get the email (which is slightly worrying), but thanks for the advice here. I had already changed the forwarding address as you described. In the meantime, the 'bounce' message has disappeared. I'm hoping it stays gone, and that the whole thing was just part of the current Spamcop problem. Thanks again!
  2. whitefort

    Bounce Error

    Hi - over the last day or two I've noticed this on my spamcop page: "Bounce error Your email address, whitefort[at]spamcop.net has returned a bounce: Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure) Reason: 5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550-'Message contained unsafe content (Sanesecurity.Junk.21048.UNOFFICIAL)' Please ensure your email account is reliable, then click below: " I'm wondering if this could be something caused by the recent Spamcop problems, but mainly I'm a bit anxious because I changed my Internet Provider about a month ago and I'm wondering if that could be something to do with the problem. I do have my new email address set up in mailhosts. I've been using Spamcop for quite a few years now without any problems, and don't want to get my wrist slapped (or worse!) for causing problems by continually hitting the reset button when I shouldn't. I'm not really techie enough to figure out this problem by myself. Basically, is the message due to the current problem (in which case I can just ignore it until things get fixed)? Or is there something else I have to do to fix it myself? Up to now I've just been clicking the bounce reset button and hoping the problem will go away. Should I stop doing that? Any advice will be gratefully received!!
  3. whitefort

    [Resolved] Strange reporting error

    DT - I took a look. My trash folder is there OK. Everything seems to be working OK now, including my usual method of reporting spam direct from the "Held Email" webpage. Thanks!
  4. whitefort

    [Resolved] Strange reporting error

    That seems to have done the trick! Many thanks!
  5. This has been happening for a day or two. I go to my held email page. I 'Check all'. Then I "report immediately and trash'. And it seems to work - I get a list of "Submitted for reporting/Moved to trash" messages. But they're followed by all the exact same spams that I just reported. Same thing happens when I try to just delete them. So I can't get rid of any of them, and the list is just getting longer and longer. Is anyone else having this problem (or can anyone suggest a solution?) Thanks!
  6. Hi. Several weeks ago I noticed that reported emails from one of my mailhosts were all being ignored by Spamcop. Probably stupidly, I thought that if something had gone wrong I might be able to fix it by removing that mailhost, then entering it again a day or two later. Except that Spamcop won't accept it this time. I'm getting the message that it 'appears to traverse more than one domain.' I'm really not good at this tech stuff, but I'd like to be able to start reporting spam again, and I'd be really grateful if anyone could give me any advice on what I'm missing or getting wrong. Many thanks! John Scott