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  1. Hi Steven, thanks for that - clear, helpful non-defensive response that points to a soluton sadly it doesn't seem to work with OL2007 but that's my fault for using a beta product at the moment All I want is a one-click "quick report" that's as esy to use as the quick report in the webmail interface. It's all I've wanted since I started using SpamCop but every time I've raised a head abov the parapet and suggested that something useful like that would be worth looking at I end up wondeing why I bothered! I'd hoped that with IronPort owning SpamCop and putting some corporate muscle behind the product it would start to expand it's support for things like Outlook rather than (when it was an underground/community thing) relying on hobby developers to hack together macros
  2. when I first used to hang out on the news list and wade through the FAQs I always got the impression that the SpamCop forums housed a bunch of fairly unhelpful in-their-own-mind elite I was hoping that poking my nose in here after a couple of years absence would have seen more approachable / usable FAQs and guides or people in the forums who's actually link to something that works rather than leave me to wade through a bunch of abandoned half-finished sourceforge projects that work with old versions of Outlook or are sub-optimal ports of linux utilities that require black arts to install Maybe I was hoping for too much given SpamCop seems to be a law unto itself (it amused me no end that Google flagged the sign-up email as spam!) so for now I won't care about reporting the emails that make it through (spamcops loss, not mine - I'm a paying user with 2 accounts who happily contributes data to the corpus when it's easy... and in the 3-4 years I've been contributing there's been no effort IMO to actually make the process easier / smoother / more professional) Forgive the possible over-reaction but the reason I left the community back in the pre-forums days was this attitude.
  3. I'm an Outlook user (as I suspect many are) and it's very frustrating that when spam gets through the spamcop filters (luckily not that many, but enough to be annoying) I don't have an easy brainless way to report the offending crud to help the corpus. I've seen this solution but it's not brainless enough for me I'd also love to see a way to integrate the bl.spamcop.net directly into my Outlook instance (as my hosting provider doesn't want to do it at the Exchange level) as a Junk rule (and then the reporting interface would really come into its own) Been using Spamcop for a few years now and think it's a better solution than challenge/response etc but it would be nice to see a jump in the usability and reach of the userbase (because the webmail interface is still really horrible!)
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