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  1. Problem solved, I had 25,000 messages in various folders. Support deleted a lot of them and I can now log in. Thanks for your help. DParker
  2. I followed your link and learned about the "too many emails in a folder" issue that could be delaying my login. This seems possible as I haven't logged in to the system in a long time. I've emailed support to ask for help with this. Hopefully this will solve the problem. Thanks, DParker
  3. I got the same "non-authoritative response" as you from my nslookup. But I still can't login at webmail.spamcop.net - the browser just hangs. I'm at a small business, and we suspect our router is screwed up - we've been having intermittent connectivity issues. Does this sound like a possible culprit, given how I'm describing my situation? Thanks DParker
  4. I'm trying to log in at webmail.spamcop.net with my email address (including [at]spamcop.net) and my password - but I get nothing after hitting the submit or enter button, just "waiting for webmail.spamcop.net" in my browser activity window. I've been trying today for the past couple of hours. Is it just me? Thanks DParker
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