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  1. Is that all? So am I not (also) helping to make SpamCop resistant to an imminent threat from well-forged headers? Helping to ensure SpamCop does not become overwhelmed by false attributions of spam to ISP and email service providers?
  2. That makes perfect sense, thanks for the explanation. So we should hope that a large email service provider doesn't configure, say, 200 MX records. Or our fingers will fall off from all the typing required.
  3. And this uses port 995. This is working for me with Gmail which requires port 995 and SSL for POP3 collection.
  4. In an attempt to win a Good Net Citizen award I have been trying to register my Mailhosts. This has been quite difficult and I want to see if I understand the benefits to 1. myself 2. anyone else. My sense is that if I succeed in configuring Mailhosts correctly - a. I will be able to report spam in a way that reduces the risk of false attribution of spamming to entities that are really just email service providers, due to use of forged headers by real spammers b. as more SpamCop reporters get Mailhosts configured, the reliability of spam reports (w.r.t. this false attribution issue) will increase c. this in turn opens up the possibility of making Mailhost configuration mandatory d. at some point in the near future, header forging will be widespread and this could make SpamCop useless unless most/all reporters are Mailhost configured. Correctly configured! e. even though there are only a small number of SpamCop reporters and an even smaller number who are Mailhost configured, they are hopefully enough to make a difference against spam. (Or maybe reporters are irrelevant, counterproductive even, and the system should rely solely on spamtraps?) I really did need to think about that, as it was pretty onerous to get the configuration done. I hope it's been worth the effort?
  5. Experience registering a Gmail address with SpamCop Mailhosts: Gotcha #1 Did not receive any of the Mailhost probes in my Gmail account. ( Question: It only sends 5 probes for Gmail. Surely there are more than 5 servers in use by Gmail. Are these 5 supposed to be a random selection, or what? What if I forward spam that did not come through one of these 5 servers? ) Gotcha #2 Could not find a solution in this Forum (searched on Gmail, read all those articles, read all the Pinned articles). Signed up for this Spamcop Mailhost Configuration Forum to ask questions about Gotcha #1. Did not receive the authorisation link in my Gmail account either. Catch 22? And this is weird because my confirmation email for joining the SpamCop system as a reporter came through OK. What gives? ( In fact, meanwhile I signed up for a cqmail / cesmail / spamcop.net paid account. This account can send email to my Gmail account, no problem. Also the registration comes through ok - but I guess that's really from Paypal or someone like that. ) Lightbulb #1 Trawling through the forums I see something about 'check your spam folder'. A newbie mistake. And that's exactly why there should be a reminder on the main set up page for Mailhosts. Or at least on the Pinned issues in this forum. Success, I find my Forum confirmation and my Mailhosts probes in my spam folder in Gmail. I mark them as Not spam, in the hope that might be of benefit to others, and proceed. Gotcha #3 Replying to the probes does not work. It doesn't send the headers, or not enough of them. To work around this I do "Expand All" in Gmail and then in each message I use "More Options" - "Show Original". I copy the original, ASCII text and paste it in to my reply so it is the only content of the Reply. Gotcha #4 This does not work either. Parsing of the headers falls over in the SPF header, reproduced here in context: Error message is: ( I'm wondering how realistic it is for SpamCop to be this picky about other people's mail software implementations... any way, moving on. ) I again copy and past the "Show Original" message from Gmail, but this time into the web form link in the email from SpamCop. I paste it all into the top box of the two boxes. This works! Hooray. What's slightly confusing is I don't get any progress feedback that I have correctly registered 0/5, n/5, or 5/5 of the probes. So the mhedit shows the same help text all the time, until I've registered >1 probes, in which case it shows me all the details of my host but no info on the status of my registration. I would suggest the following state feedback in mhedit (per host): 1. No registration in progress. Show existing help text 2. Registration in progress, 0 complete Show a new explanatory text that says something like - "probes have been sent to you for host YYY, check your inbox at xx[at]yyy.com, and also and spam / Junk mail folders. Follow the instructions. See here for help/faq forums." Also say something like "7 responses received, 2/5 validated, 5 errors, 3 still to validate". 3. Registration completed 5/5/ validated Show the current display for host YYY Also have a message like - "now confirm spam reporting is working correctly so we can turn quick reporting back on, see faq/help here" Gotcha #5 Now I have a paid spamcop.net account, I have to go through all of this headache again! At least it's much easier to submit spam from the spamcop account. In hindsight I shouldn't have bothered with my reporting-only account. Gotcha #6? Am I going to run in to trouble if I use the same address, in the forwarding chain for my spamcop.net account, that I used for my reporting account? I'll let you know.
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