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  1. I perused the thread. I meant that other options for emailing exist other than your ISP's server. Many are 'free-to-low-cost, and many of them don't record their customer's IP so your ISP won't even enter the picture. If outgoing email is important to your online life then get a backup plan in action.
  2. There are hundreds of free and low cost email providers available. You are not required to use your ISP for the email you send. Unfortunately not much you can really do . . . . . spammers will infest any and every place they can nest for as long as they can get their spewage delivered. Computers "talk" to each other by IP address not names/usernames. Your clients could contact their postmasters and ask them to whitelist your IPA. The postmaster may decide to whitelist your IPA -- it's their choice though.
  3. You need to supply more info! mainserver.us resolves to The SCBL info page at says it's not listed. Most likely the problem is that you're using the same mail server as a spammer. If so you need to have your mail admin get rid of the spammer and the listing will go away automatically.
  4. Yes, but normally it finds the email addresses unless they are in non-standard headers or in a non-standard format (such as user#domain.tld, or ROT-13 encoded addresses). The non-standard format is often found at the end of spamvertised URLs. If you're concerned about your address being revealed you can click on the "Preview Reports" button and use your browser's text search feature to search the reports for your email address, user name, or any other string - but this does add to the amount of time it takes to process each spam report. Or, if you're submitting your spams at the web site, you can manually munge your email address before submitting the spam. Again this adds to the amount of time you'll spend processing your spam.
  5. That's your problem (or at least the main problem). There is no header that begins with the right angle bracket (>) so the parser isn't seeing the headers. The parser needs full unaltered headers.
  6. Find a provider willing to host your domain?
  7. An open relay is a mail server that allows anyone to use it to send emails, not just authorized customers. listed in relays.ordb.org. ( ) It appears that is currently misconfigured. I'd suggest not using SpamCop to send reports to your own provider. Deselect the checkbox(es) for address(es) at your provider and send the spam manually to their abuse department. A note in the report alerting them to their listing at ORDb would also be nice, they may want to fix the server if it is indeed open.
  8. There is something at 06/11/04 08:25:15 -0500 ping Ping ... 1 Addr:, RTT: 105ms, TTL: 113 2 Addr:, RTT: 102ms, TTL: 113 3 Addr:, RTT: 103ms, TTL: 113 4 Addr:, RTT: 103ms, TTL: 113 06/11/04 08:25:33 -0500 Fast traceroute Trace ... [...] 16 39ms 39ms 52ms TTL: 0 (kcm-edge-09.inet.qwest.net fraudulent rDNS) 17 68ms 49ms 49ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 18 99ms 97ms 101ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS) 19 113ms 103ms 104ms TTL:113 (No rDNS)
  9. The problem seems to be system-wide (at least for free users & reporting only members). Just wait a while and they'll get the problem fixed.
  10. Lots of people are getting them. Apparently the spammer is using trojaned machines to send the spams through IPs that haven't been listed yet on the major blocklists.
  11. The problem appears to be the Content-Type header being improperly wrapped. Notice that the charset="us-ascii" portion of the header is on another line and that line is not indented. Line continuations MUST NOT begin in the first position of the next line. Parsing 1 is the headers parsed as posted and shows the parser balking at the headers not being complete. I corrected the Content-Type header by adding a couple of spaces at the beginning of the second line and Parsing 2 shows the parser accepting the headers.
  12. 'Double 0pt-in' is a derogatory term that was coined by spammers in order to make "confirmed opt-in" appear to be a redundant burden being imposed on email marketers. Anyone claiming to be "double 0pt-in" is either admitting to being a spammer deriding a procedure intended to protect both the recipients and senders or is announcing their ignorance. NEVER trust any sender that claims to be double 0pt-in.
  13. Can you post some sample headers? Email address & other personal information should be munged of course.
  14. You are incorrect. There is nothing "rude" about my post, which is included in your blanket statement. I didn't kiss the OP's a$$ but there is nothing rude either. No insults, no name calling, just cold hard facts.
  15. Care to post a link to the "You're blocking an entire country" post that you cited? The search engine didn't seem to find it, and the only mention of that string was in your message.
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