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  1. Yes lisati, the Spamcop website rejects me when I try to login through Acrobat and I cannot therefore do what I can through the Telnet Communications website, that is create and append as I drill down the site. For whatever it's worth Spamcop does allow drilling and appending as you go, it does not with the "secure" side. That is what I am requesting be changed.
  2. An example of how Spamcop should behave is shown below when I create a single PDF from multiple pages.
  3. Yes, Lking your suggestion works, it breaks down due to the workload in doing copies over 90 days. Dave_L, yes, your suggestion works from any source to the Adobe PDF Printer and has the same breakdown as the Copy to Clipboard option. Acrobat Pro has an automatic "append" function where clicking through the 90 days worth of data is practical. It all stays in reverse chronological order, exactly as when you browse through the reports.
  4. lisati, precisely, I am logged in to the account and can see my report list. When I start Acrobat and feed it the URL it prompts me to login to Spamcop and that is where the issue resides, Spamcop needs to accept a LOGIN via a program in addition to a web browser.
  5. The reason for this is to provide elected Government representatives with reasons why they must revert the decision. Government of Canada suspends lawsuit provision in anti-spam legislation and allow class action suits against the likes of the CloudFare, ColoCrossing and many others known.
  6. I would like to create a PDF from the "Report History" for the Last 90 Days and the website does not allow it, https://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showhistory&slice=&val=0&offset=0&query_type=4
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