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  1. cn.rbl.cluecentral.net blacklist has been replaced bij this one: cn.ascc.dnsbl.bit.nl Is spamcop going to change their configuration so we will be able to configure this blacklist? More information: http://noc.bit.nl/dnsbl/ascc/ http://www.merit.edu/mail.archives/nanog/2...1/msg00764.html http://www.merit.edu/mail.archives/nanog/2...1/msg00421.html
  2. The Solution... 1. Pay the full price for the new account and use the normal procedure. 2. Email support <at> sc.net the old and new accountname(+domain) and ask them to be combined into one account. 3. The accounts are combined, the discount is calculated through editting both expiration dates. So, I have added 2 new accounts and have now a total of 3 accounts. All of them expire somewhere in the end of august 2005.
  3. They could divide the "days left before expiration" by 2. And just create the second account. I am willing to extend the expiration date (for both accounts) immediately when needed. I will try deputies, thanks.
  4. No, at the checkout it is billing me for $30. I want the $15 URL
  5. I have 1 paid account now, I want to setup an additional filtering account. This link is mentioning that it is half-price. How do I sign up for a discounted account? Or, how do I ask someone to create it? The account I would like to have is "************** at sc.net".
  6. For the last 6 days I have reported a few hundred of the "german" messages. Most of them where in the HOLD Queue on the SpamCop servers (already on the BL, some where detected by SpamAssassin level 3). I reported them again. Manually, I report daily about 50-75 of the "german" messages, they are not on the BL and where not blocked by SpamAssassin. I found that about 90% of these messages is coming from The Netherlands (where I live). The largets dutch ISP's euronet.nl, wanadoo.nl, planet.nl and chello.nl are on the top of the list (not my ISP). Does everyone have these messages originating (email source) from The Netherlands, or are there other sources? Anyone any ideas? Am I (are we) not reporting enough to put the IP numbers permanently on the BlackList?
  7. Is this a correct listing of a MailHost ? Please look at "pearlgates.net", "mail.pearlgates.net" and "pearlgates.xs4all.nl". This is the same IP, but it is a private DSL-Modem/Mailserver of a home user (not mine, mine is listed under a different domain/mailhost name) The provider xs4all does offer BatchedSMTP functionality (mail is dropped at mx# or one of the dozen mxzilla#s and forward as SMTP session the the DSL-Modem). The provider xs4all does also offer editting of reverse DNS records for any domain. Just for the record, I am just guessing. But there are several users who use BSMTP. Will they all be listed in the MailHost listing? That is going to be a huge list
  8. Today (last night) I got my first reply, I forwarded the wrong header/email. I repeated the procedure this evening and it took upto 2-3 hours for the message to process after sending the attachment back. EDIT: The next address took only a few minutes to process... I hope it's not done manually by Julian but that would explain the delay.
  9. I just managed to submit 10 false reports (reporting my ISP mx server). How can I cancel these? ID's are 809833413 809833595 809833701 809833837 809834073 809834238 809834449 809834591 809834758 Or can someone cancel these? Advise: Don't use Mailhosts with the combination of Quickreport.
  10. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong? I have tried to add about 20-25 aliases, but none of them is popping up in the "Mailhosts" lists. I am sending these kind of messages as a reply to the automated message of the Spamcop system: What am I doing wrong? When I tried to report spam at this moment, Spamcop is trying to report (internal Spamcop system ?) as the spam source
  11. During the last few days I have received several email bounce messages returning mail to me that I supposed to have send to dozens of adresses. Normally I only receive these kind of messages once every 4-6 months. This is obviously a spammer OR virus using several of my email aliases as a sender adress (a FROM: address on SMTP level, not in the email headers). Does anyone else experience this? And what should I do? Messages that are not filtered by Spamcop (SpamAssasin) I can delete easyly. But messages that are filtered and are in my Spamcop-"Held" box. Quickreporting them, does not result in the correct action. It will (in the end) result in blacklisting the wrong SMTP server. How should I report this email? [ Admins can view some examples still in my "Held"-box ]
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