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  1. Thanks for the replies - I think I understand how spamcop reporting works better now. I had assumed that more reports are better in general but it sounds like past a relatively low threshold of reports incremental spam submissions are just extra.
  2. I more or less get the way SpamCop is set up and greatly appreciate that the organizers/developers/moderators are providing a great service for no direct benefit. I think I also understand some of the legal and organizational issues around the sensitive task of providing the spamcop list. My only thought is whether the improvements over the last few years in helping even non-sophisticated users identify spam have made the 'total newbie clicks and reports their amazon confirmation email' scenario far less likely. Even my parents have a spam filter these days that reliably identifies their spam and puts it in a folder. If a main issue is personal responsibility so WE can report OUR spam and have it be OUR responsibility, I think I can confirm this if all of the spam i reported with olspamcop can be reviewed on a single page. Is the issue that the current mechanism was approved in one of the lawsuits? I love the tool and the feeling that I'm doing something to help others - it would just be great if it were available to a larger audience.
  3. Hi Wazoo, I haven't got the history in the community you obviously have (thanks!) but a few thoughts: -spam detection and more importantly spam sorting has really improved over the last few years. My spam filter is able to filter spam with a ~99.9% accuracy (I have actually tested it to 1 in 1000 false detects). It's quite easy for me to review my list of 200+ spams when they are all in a spam folder and see if there are any false reports. None of this was true years ago when I was picking spam individually to move from my inbox to spam folder for reporting and often included good emails with the bad. -Assuming that the number of reports coming from individual users like me would dramatically increase if we could approve all reports with a single click or set a 'if i send it to spamcop i wanted to submit it' mode, the total volume of reports would greatly increase. If the total volume increases (which it definitely would) and even if 2 good mails per 1000 were submitted I would think that Spamcop could recalibrate the reporting threshold criterion. Also, it's unlikely that someone else would make the same 1:1000 error on the same email that I do. -Last, I understand the argument that false reports waste netadmin time and reduce spamcop credibility, but given that mole mode exists now what really is the downside of at least providing a batch submit web page where i can submit all 200 reports at once. I guess it comes down to the value to spamcop and the community of dramatically increasing reporting. I started to read the quickreporting bit (thanks for the info) and will probably do it, but at initial glance it looks like something that less than .1% of the internet mail population would do.
  4. on reporting, my #1 problem is having to go to the spamcop website and clicking to submit every single spam AFTER I've sent in the spam via OLspamcop. anybody have a way around this? it's way too much work to process every one of the 200+ spams I get every day via the website. Now, if I could submit them all with one click....
  5. i've wanted to use spamcop to help fight spam and have started reporting a few times. But given that i get 200+ spam each day it takes way too long to report every spam individually and i always stop quickly. i've just installed OLspamcop which makes it a bit easier, but i STILL have to go screen by screen to submit the spams on the spamcop site. apologies for the newbie question, but why isn't there a bulk 'submit' or 'approval' process so I can mail in the 200 spam at once (which olspamcop permits) and rather than having to see 400 pages and click 400 times just approve once at the spamcop site (which the spamcop site doesn't do)? thanks!
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