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  1. I report my spam to spamcop, and have just tried to register my mailhosts according to the directions. I have two questions: one is that I don't know if I managed to report my main host first and the forwarding one second, as directed; on my Mailhosts page, the second (forwarding) host is listed first and the main one below it. I reported the main one first and then I reported the forwarding one twice (first by sending Spamcop the results of their test message as I received them in web-based mail at the second host, and then by sending Spamcop the results of the same message after it had been forwarded to my main account-- I didn't and don't know if it makes a difference). Subsequently I received two Spamcop emails, the first saying that the (forwarding) host had been successfully registered and the other saying there had been an error, and the full header wasn't found in my email. But I don't know whether that error related to my second forwarding host attempt, or to my main host registration. Does the order of the mailhost list on the mailhosts page tell about the order I reported them in? Should I remove both of them and start over? I have tried reporting forwarded spam once so far, copying it from the "junk" folder in the web-based version of my main account, and it didn't seem to be reporting my forwarding host as a spammer, but don't feel confident about this. My second question is this: assuming that both of my accounts are registered in the correct order, if I get spam from the web-based version of the forwarding account, can I forward that to Spamcop the same as mail that has already been forwarded into my main account? Thanks Paul