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  1. listed in bl.spamcop.net ( If there are no reports of ongoing objectionable email from this system it will be delisted automatically in approximately 16 hours. Causes of listing * System has sent mail to SpamCop spam traps in the past week (spam traps are secret, no reports or evidence are provided by SpamCop) Automatic delisting If you are the administrator of post.mceplc.com. and you are sure it will not be the subject of any more reports of spam, you may cause the system to be delisted without waiting for us to review the issue. Looking for potential administrative email addresses for cannot find an mx for post.mceplc.com is an mx ( 10 ) for mceplc.com My isp has blocked the company's outgoing emails because of this. Things I have checked/fixed. 1) I upgraded the firewall we use on Monday, and this may have caused other pcs to be able to send emails that could have been hit with a virus. This is now fixed. 2) Some users who were allowed to be sent email are no longer with the company and RNDRs were issued. The allowable list of emails via the email spam prevention system we use (Xwall) has been recified. The automatic delisting doesn't work as I never received any emails. I guessing this is because you try to smtp to the ip address directly instead of the mx record for mceplc.com. (The firewall and the xwall only allow specific ip addresses to connect to it.). Hence I have clicked on the dispute link on the page and entered the same information I have here. I am basically posting to ask how long it takes for the issues to be resolved. Also if I may have missed anything.
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    [Resolved] blocked

    Wazoo, where did you get that text you have quoted on? It is certainly not from me. Anyhow thanks people for the help people problem I have also worked out why the server is listed as a new one. To stop a long story short, our isp have changed the way there forward emails out when connecting to their smtp servers, hence even although our configuration has not changed the configuration in what the isp sends on in its smtp queue has. So hence the ip address was listed as a new server.
  3. mputson

    [Resolved] blocked

    Well yes and no. basically it the same on the internet address but on a different internal ip that is port mapped firewall -> Xwall -> exchange you cannot connect to port 25 on our firewall as only the isp can. outgoing email is like the following: exchange -> Xwall -> firewall -> isp smtp Basically is our only public facing ip address. Looks like it has been delisted now. So looks like it was a few rogue email address xwall was accepting and sending non delivery reports.
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    [Resolved] blocked

    Is is not a "new" server. The server has been in place with the same configuration for the past 4 years. The only thing that changes is the spam server software (xwall). Hence the end part of the post. "Also if I may have missed anything." "System has sent mail to SpamCop spam traps in the past week (spam traps are secret, no reports or evidence are provided by SpamCop)" This is hard to figure out what is up with a server being listed on your system. I looked at your FAQ, i made relevent changes according to that, as per the post above, I was asking if there was anything missing. If it was say reverse RNDRs, that are causing the spam, then maybe something like: Server replying to NDR for users that doesn't exist. Will help people to figure out what is going wrong.