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  1. I have set up my mailhosts and think that all reporting is now ok. (The only ones going to my email is the 'user defined' recipient and none of my server ips or isp ips are being reported afaik) As such I would now like to enable the quick reporting. From the forums it seems that there would be an option under the mailhosts tab to do this but I cannot see any such option. I am using the 'free' service if that makes any difference. EDIT: Scratch the above. I notice there is an email address to make the request from. It is on the reply reports once you try to submit using the quick method.
  2. Thanks Miss Betsy I will continue to use, even a little more spam is acceptable if it will help shutdown some of the spamming &%*&^&'s.
  3. Since configuring mail hosts all spam seems to be unreportable. As such I must have done something incorrectly when configuring but cannot see what. Could someone please advise? I have a domian (call it mydomain.loc - real domain name withheld) and subdomain mymail.mydomain.loc test.mydomain.loc for which reporting seemed to be working fine before adding mail hosts. The above domain and subdomains resolve to same ip (say (main domain name is rdns for the ip). There is a backup mail server at an entirely separate domain and ip (say (backupdomain.loc - real name withheld). I also have an individual email account at the backup domain forwarded to an address at mydomain.loc eg: myname[at]backupdomain.loc. I have added the mailhosts in the order below (address - standard name) and confirmed emails for both mail and backup mail servers. 1) address[at]mydomian.loc - mydomain.loc 2) address[at]mymail.mydomain.loc - mymail.mydomain.loc 3) address[at]test.mydomain.loc - test.mydomain.loc 4) myname[at]backupdomain.loc - backupdomain.loc After confirming the configuration emails for these I have in my mailhosts: Hosts/domains: 1) mine. [name of my assp server] 2) mail.backupdomain.loc [external dns name of backup mail server] Relaying ips: 1) 2) In the "delete host" dropdown there is only myname[at]backupdomain.loc I have included a sample of the spamcop report that is unreportable below Thanks and regards
  4. I have a single external IP and single mail server but hosting several domains. The mail server dns entry is different also for each domain also. An example of the structure is below (real names not used) : Domain: mydomain.loc Mail server in DNS: mail.mydomain.loc Resolving IP: (rdns PTR of this is mail.mydomain.loc) Domain. sub1.mydomain.loc Mail server in DNS: mail.sub1.mydomain.loc Resolving IP: (rdns PTR of this is mail.mydomain.loc) Domain. sub2.mydomain.loc Mail server in DNS: mail.sub2.mydomain.loc Resolving IP: (rdns PTR of this is mail.mydomain.loc) There is a backup mail server used for all of the above. Domain. backupdomain.loc Mail server in DNS: mail.backupdomain.loc Resolving IP: (rdns PTR of this is mail.backupdomain.loc) I cannot work out what I should be using for mailhosts. Is just doing the entry for the first domain "mydomain.loc" enough? Also I use ASSP and it has a field for "My Name" (usually set to "ASSP.nospam"). If I use this name I get several extra IP's listed in my mailhosts that have nothing to do with me. What should I be setting this name to? mail.mydomain.loc? Thanks UPDATE: I have changed the ASSP name as "mail.mydomain.loc" (real domain used of course) and put all mailhosts via the following order: reportspam[at]mydomain.loc - standardname: mydomain.loc reportspam[at]sub1.mydomain.loc - standardname: sub1.mydomain.loc reportspam[at]sub2.mydomain.loc - standardname: sub2.mydomain.loc It is now allowing me to report spam and 'seems' correct, however, now the headers that are being reported include my actual domain and mail server name, Does that pose any problem with creating additional spam by providing the spammer with this information in the spam report? Also some of the host/domain and relaying ip dropdowns are now empty. Although it seems to be working does this sound like a problem?
  5. Hi Steven The specific things munged were: 1) the domain (mydomain.loc) 2) backup domain (backupdomain.loc) 3) domain external IP ( 4) backup domain external IP ( and 5) spamcop user - xxxxxxxx. They have been munged consistently throughout the copy. The server defined by the error line "MINE." is listed in the dropdown for Hosts/domain under the mail hostname "mydomain.loc" as "MINE." (the MINE is not munged, it is the identifier used for my ASSP server). Under the same dropdown is also the backup mail server "mail.backupdomain.loc". Within the same section the dropdown for Relaying IPs shows both the external ip for mydomain.loc and also the external ip for backupdomain.loc (munged as and respectively). Thanks