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  1. SpamCop has many "partnerships" with ISPs to help isolate spam. For example; fbl-spamcop[at]ext.godaddy.com spamcop[at]mailservices.yahoo.com I receive spam wherein a "x[at]gmail.com" is a credible address (to me). I know most are not. An example from a 419 or phish spam. Reply-To: <revjonacooper2007[at]gmail.com> and in the body in some cases. Google has a reporting address: https://support.google.com/mail/contact/abuse?rd=1 where I manually paste the header, subject, body and even the Spamcop report link. TIA If there is one already, I couldn't find it.
  2. Thanks so much. I've used SpamCop for ages but never got past [√ ] spam[at]uce.gov. I would love to add such an address for Google without needing to cut/paste on their site. Sort of [ ] x[at]google com. I appreciate your suggestion for the new features.
  3. Thanks. This all I know. My position is this. The spammers, usually 419 or phish, need an avenue to complete their ruse. They are not so stupid to spam w/o a way to complete their mission. So I conclude the Gmail addresses, sometime in the Reply To: or in the body, are valid Gmail accounts. Gmail has a way to report them. All I ask is an agreement between SC and Google to report. Here's an example where SC has done this: [fbl-spamcop[at]ext.godaddy.com]. Thanks again.
  4. I frequently receive spam in which a Gmail address is used as the Reply to address. Spamcop doesn't filter for this, apparently. So I manually go to the Gmail spam reporting site, https://support.google.com/mail/contact/abuse?rd=1 , and manually paste the headers, names and body into their form. In the comments section I paste the Spamcop URL. Is it reasonable to ask SpamCop and Google to work together? Spamcop has many arrangements with other vendors. TIA
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