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  1. So Jeff, you consider SpamCop to be a small operation then?
  2. So, Richard, do I understand that if I ditch Freeserve and move to Hotmail or Yahoo I will not have the probelm of the whole mail server being blocked by SC? I used to be be with Hotmail but gave up after receiving an average of about 50 spams a day. Do you know of any small web-mail operators that include the user's IP address in the message and who might not be a target for those who spam to "random.name[at]hotmail.com" or "random.name[at]yahoo.com"? Appreciate your advice!
  3. Neither Freeserve nor SpamCop seem to be acting responsibly here. Freeserve say "We're doing our best to stop spammers hosting with us"... but ther're not! SpamCop say "It's not our problem"... but it is! (when SpamCop's product stops 2.6 million legitimate UK users communicating effectively). My question is this: Is anyone at Freeserve and Spamcop actually talking to each other to resolve this crazy situation??!!
  4. Could you please unblock the Freeserve mail servers and come to some agreement with Wanadoo about how to effectively stop spammers hosting with Freeserve. It can not be reasonable the the 2.6 million UK customers of Freeserve, the biggest UK ISP, are all prevented from communicating with any of your customers becasue of the actions of a few hundred spammers. You should know that Spamhuas have unblocked the Freeserve mail servers after about 2 weeks of prohibition, which is a reasonable approach to deter spammers but allow legitimate usage. The SpamCop block seem to be permanent which really is cracking an acorn with an inductrial pile-driver. Trust you can sort this one out amicably with Wanadoo (and quickly please).
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