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    All the other red entries are because my IP is a dynamic IP address, so I can't run a mail server on my own. Only the entry at Spamcop is about a spamtrap. I think there is nothing to worry about at this moment I guess, I just wait for new problems... Thank you all for your information!
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    Since a few day I can't send mail anymore using my chello account (mail.chello.nl). The error was the following: The http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...p= page says there are only spam traps listed, but I want more details about it. I'm realy against spam (I get more the 200 messages a day on my mail adresses). So I want to find out what the reason of my IP's blacklisting is. Some information - I am not running a mail server - I have a home network with several systems and users - I have a Linux server on the netwerk, accessible from the internet (also on ssh, but good secured) - No port 25 is linked to a local IP in the NAT table of my router My question: - Is a system in the network sending spam mails using a locally installed mail server? - Is a system in the network sending spam mails using my IP on a external mail server on the internet? - Are the other reasons? - How can I monitor my network for all mails that are outgoing I can't control all systems on the network because some users are not in my home. So I want to find out if they are sending spam on my network, but how do I figure this out? Thank you in advance for all your help!