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  1. I am sorry if I missed the frequently asked questions and answers. But what I am actually talking about is regarding the servers, not the email accounts. The two email accounts I have are from two different mail servers within the same organization. So they both have same domain name, say work.edu, but two different server names: serv1 and serv2. When I tried to config both of them, spamcop could recognize both, but always replace one with the other, which means I can only config one of them, not both. Question about gmail is different. I could not get it configed at all. since it's not listed in the help (how to get full header) like yahoo, I had to ask. Thanks, HJ
  2. Hi, I have 2 emails from 2 different servers within the same organization, say myname[at]ser1.work.edu myname[at]ser2.work.edu When I added the host, one was always replaced by the other since only work.edu was recognized, not ser1 or ser2. Is this going to be a problem reporting spam? How to fix this problem? Another question, Could somebody tell me how to config gmail mailhost? Thanks, HJ