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    Blocked by my ISP?

    Thank you to everybody. Yes, the message I posted never, never, comes back as an email but always, always, as a pop-up message in OE. That's why I am a little suspicious about my ISP (that, through its helpline, only offers me the solution to contract a more expensive solution with a fixed IP saying that it will stop my troubles. It's that absolutely true?). As it refers to the "webmail" option provided by my ISP, ONO, it does work with no problem. That is the way we are trying to sort this for extremely urgent email (non-urgent remain for hours until our dynamic IP is delisted). However, webmail is quite difficult to use -when you are not skilled with computers - and cause us a lot of delay in sending emails. One question: we are scanning, and re-scanning our PCs with different AVs, but we do not find anything but some tracking cookies. May these tracking cookies cause the problem? May a third (out of organisation) be using our IP without consent to deliver spam? Thanks again.
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    Blocked by my ISP?

    I am not an IT expert, but just a end user, so please disregard any misuse of the technical vocabulary. We have a dynamic IP (I deem this term is right) from our ISP. Since last week, we can not send email using Outlook Express. Everytime that we click "send all" we obtain the following error message (sorry, is in Spanish): "El mensaje no se pudo enviar, el servidor rechazó la dirección de correo electrónic"o del remitente: "ejmr[at]magyas.onored.com". Asunto 'Jeannie's NIE number', Cuenta: 'mail.magyas.onored.com', Servidor: 'mail.magyas.onored.com', Protocolo: SMTP, Respuesta del servidor: '550 mail not accepted from blacklisted IP address []', Puerto: 25, Seguridad (SSL): No, Error de servidor: 550, Número de error: 0x800CCC78" We called our ISP helpline several times. [at] 1st time: They informed us that we were blacklisted in Spamcop (we had another IP , and referred us to deal direcly with Spamcop. I made a blackmail dispute listing [at] 2nd time: We already have the current IP They informed me that they will solve the problem. I do not know how, but they solved it in minutes. [at]3rd time: I am told that if I want to avoid this kind of problem, I have to pay for a fixed IP (that are much more expensive that dynamic ones) otherwise they can not do anything. We have updated AV solutions, and we have cross scanned with on-line tools, but we do not find anything wrong. I am doubtful about who is blocking us? The people we send emails to.... or our own ISP? I have noticed that we do not obtain any feedback email message from any recipient, just the OE error window transcribed above when clicking the "send all buttom". Any clarification will be welcomed. Thanks