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    Thankyou for the responses. As a very non technical old fogey I was not clued up on how to go about this matter, but thank you for the pointers and I will now try and digest the info and see where I go from here. Again, thanks. Pincher
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    I live in UK, my daughter lives in Perth WA. I spend my time 50/50 between UK and Oz. Her email address is brenton.pember[at]bigpond.com. I have complete access to her email site [at] Bigpond. Because she is a very busy lady and to assist her, I spend and fair bit of my time checking her site to get rid of the accumulation of spam (up to 300 daily). Occasionally when something amusing is received from other family members I forward it to myself at my emai, pincherm[at]giomail.co.uk. Just recently however these are being returned with spamcop being quoted as the reason. Please say why as I cannot see how this can be?? Thankyou Peter Martin