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    I admit "C" is fairly clearly explained... (Sorry) Your clarification on "B" was helpful (Thanks) While I suspect that the answer to "A" might be documented somewhere, by any chance, would you mind either confirming or giving me a pointer to the correct FAQ answer? If, for example, tiscali.co.uk were to change their mailserver configuration, would I need to re-configure my mailhosts in SpamCop, or will this be automatically detected from the DNS?
  2. OK, I've a fairly complex mail delivery path - in the general case. It works something like this: smtp.mydomain.com -- Standard single host on a static IP address. This has a catch-all email address - this is necessary, though I do understand that it is not currently recommended. smtp.mydomain.com uses fetchmail to fetch mail from: myaccount1[at]lineone.net myaccount2[at]lineone.net myaccoutn3[at]shareddomain.org myaccount4[at]myisp.com mydomain.com has three MX servers defined: 0. smtp.mydomain.com 1. mx0.123-reg.co.uk 2. mx1.123-reg.co.uk When smtp.mydomain.com is unavailable the 123-reg MX server and 123-reg backup MX server kick in... these support mail-forwarding... and I've configured various forwards based upon username (for email addresses of the form username[at]mydomain.com) - which, subsequently sends email to my 4 pop accounts (to ensure the right bits are accessible by the right people - even if the primary mail-server smtp.mydomain.com is down.) shareddomain.org has two MX servers lineone.net has six MX servers - as far as I can tell - mx1.uk.tiscali.com to mx6.uk.tiscali.com. myisp.com has a single MX server. I hope that is at least reasonably clear... if complicated. :-) I've got 6 Mailhost name/email address entries listed unser Mailhosts. These are: 1. mydomain.com - 2 domains - 1 IP address 2 myisp.com - 11 domains - 6 IP addresses 3 [MX0] myaccoutn3[at]shareddomain.org - 2 domains - 1 IP address 4 [MX1] myaccoutn3[at]shareddomain.org - 2 domains - 1 IP address 5 myaccount1[at]lineone.net 46 domains - 30 IP addresses 6 "mike" mydomain.com [using backup MX [at] 123reg.co.uk] - 29 domains -20 IP addresses So, my questions... A) Does it matter that I've lots of candidate domains/IP addresses for some of the entries? Does it matter which one I select, or are all the domains/IP addresses in the drop-down box now assumed OK? Is there a straightforward way to verify that I've caught all the entries I need to supply? C) Is there any problem that I'm going to receive mail at thousands of different usernames of the form username[at]mydomain.com? They should all be processed as I outlined above. Thanks in advance... Steve