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  1. Alex Bischoff

    System Migration

    I’m trying to migrate my Spamcop email to my new provider, but I’m getting “incorrect password†errors when I try to access my account over IMAP. (But accessing my account through webmail works fine.) Are there any known IMAP issues? — Alex
  2. Alex Bischoff

    Is SMTP down?

    Can I ask which settings you’re using? When I try to send through smtp.cesmail.net on port 587 with TLS, I get this: (I’m using the same password settings as I always have, and it had been working fine until this morning.) — Alex
  3. Alex Bischoff

    Is SMTP down?

    Hi everyone, Is CESMail's SMTP server down for anyone else? (I’m still able to receive my email through IMAP, and while SMTP was working fine yesterday, it doesn’t seem to be accepting my passport today.) — Alex
  4. Alex Bischoff


    Let me guess -- chinanet.cn.net? Man, if I could just auto-blackhole all e-mail from that provider, I would :-/.
  5. Alex Bischoff

    Recommended SMTP providers?

    Nope, it wasn't me. However, I looked through the Spamcop Geeks archives. and I couldn't find that post .
  6. Alex Bischoff

    Recommended SMTP providers?

    I've been a SpamCop user for several years now and I've always just used an SMTP server on my local box. However, I've found that some recipients' ISPs are blocking incoming mail from ip addresses which don't resolve to a domain (which would include me, since I'm on a cable modem). So, to avoid that, I'm looking into an SMTP provider. Sure, I could use my ISP's SMTP server, but I travel and I need SMTP service for that as well. I've seen JeffG's SMTP-Auth Provider Status Report and I think that's a good starting point. However, after eliminating the ones with "reliability problems" and those that aren't accepting new accounts, there aren't many left . DynDNS's MailHop Outbound seems to fit the bill and $14.95 is fairly reasonable. Has anyone tried that one? And are there any others that I should consider as well?