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    Considering, that this mailhost-stuff is supposed to be the future of spamcop, this will be the end of this system, no kidding. I am just a simple user trying to make spamcop work. I read the faq´s for 2 hours until i finally posted here. Still I do not understand the whole business. Run a parse? Yes I searched for "parse" and found hundreds of entries - still i do not know how to do one... Not much help here... I am going to revert to the old system. "Thanks" anyway :angry: Dirk. P.S. No, I am not going to publish my email-Addy, my IP address or anything like that. Nobody in the right mind would do such a think. Honestly.
  2. I have a Server (Power-Server) which is hosted by strato. When I tried to switch to the mailhost system, i was asked for my email. So I gave: xxx[at]yyyy.de This is one of the emails i configured on my server. when it came to the test-email, i was given TWO emails: one at xxx[at]yyyy.de This one worked fine and could be verified. The other one was: mx0.serverkompetenz.de which i do not know. My server can also be reached via hxxxxx.serverkompetenz.net (the xxxxx is actually a number, that i don´t want to state here) Still i received the test-email, but when i tried to verify it, the system said: cannot, because has been transfered through other... something like that. Is my mailhost-configuration now completed or not? I am really confused... :-( Dirk.