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  1. I'm the new email administrator at my new job, trying to figure out a delivery issue we are having through our Exchange 2003 server. In the process of investigating the problem, I ran across a reference to SpamCop in a problem report peripherally related the the issue I'm investigating. I would appreciate any assistance I can get to rule out (or in) SpamCop as part of our problem. We have an Exchange 2003 server running over Win2003 server. When I send an email out to a distribution group that is comprised of external email addresses, I get Non-delivery Reports back on probably 20% of the list. Then, on June 4 I happened to set up my Outlook here at the office to access my home pop3 account and have been receiving my home email here at the office since that time. This was not related to my investigation, but on June 9, I received the following email Note the bl.spamcop.net reference in the email. This is my only clue that SpamCop might be involved in this issue. While this appears to be peripheral to our Delivery Failure Reports, it is too much of a coincidence to ignore. Outgoing corporate mail is receiving Delivery Failures on certain addresses--most of which are known to be valid, then when I start accessing personal mail, I begin to generate deliver errors on what is obviously a valid address. I don't know enough about SpamCop to know whether it is part of the problem or not--Please help me rule them in or rule them out. And answer why they were listed in my delivery failure report. What additional information will be useful to make this determination. To my knowledge, we do not use the services of SpamCop. We are an educational institution and only send external emails to parents and other stakeholders of the school, along with other contacts necessary to conduct our business. Randy Davis System's Administrator The Independent School Wichita, KS Additional information that might be useful: I realize that this may be two unrelated issues, but I doubt it. Information about SCOUTS-L and my personal mail: I continued receiving messages from the SCOUTS-L List, but apparently, 93 other messages were bounced back. The first bounce occurred the same day I started accessing my personal email through our corporate email server. No problems before this. I continue to receive other email, however I have never received a particular personal email from a sender who assures my he sent a message twice, but I never received it and he never received a delivery failure report. Information regarding mail sent from our email server: A test email I sent out produced 135 Delivery Failure Reports. 3 of these reports came in messages generated by the recipients mail server (YAHOO). The rest were messages generated by our own server. Error codes included: 5.5.0; 5.1.1; 5.3.0; 2.0.0; and 5.7.1. I realize that some of these errors will be legitimate (address typed in wrong, etc).