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  1. Works like a charm. I was wary if Beta, but it wasn't as hard as I thought. Thanks!
  2. I see by Jeff G.'s guide to Eudora/Outlook setup, that you don't provide stmp. Does that mean that we would be unable to setup the "outgoing" server and unable to send mail? I know this isn't an isp, but the edge network will provide access. Just trying to avoid getting a gmail or yahoo mail account. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! I suspected this, but I wanted an offical person to tell me I was right. I can receive regular emails from this server, just not the mailinglist ones. I'll share your comments with them and what they say. Thanks again! Bonnie
  4. I have successfully recieved mailinglists for quite some time (and continue to do so) from yahoo, pickering and many other mailinglist servers. However my church recently started administrating their own mailinglists and ever since, I have been unable to recieve any of their mailinglist posts. These posts never even appear in my "Held Mail". Is there anything on our end that could be causing that? Thanks for your help! Bonnie
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